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Electronic Arts dusts off Origin's space combat series for online multiplayer melees this summer. Electronic Arts waited for more than a year after the Xbox 360's launch to announce its first title for Microsoft's downloadable Xbox Live Arcade service, Boom Boom Rocket.
An all-new game developed by Gaia Industries (which is also working on Street Trace: NYC for Live Arcade), Wing Commander Arena drops up to 16 players in an arcade-style dogfight through space. The Wing Commander franchise was one of developer Origin Systems' hit series along with Ultima when EA acquired it in the early '90s, but it has gone largely untouched for the better part of a decade. Wing Commander I virtually created the space combat simulation genre when it arrived in the fall of 1990. The beautiful Wing Commander universe map is just one example of artifacts that LOAF and Thomas Hennessy were able to capture recently. 2016-05-06 -- Forums member YPersonified has kindly provided a brief summary of the Korean Prophecy spread we reported on last month.
2016-05-05 -- DefianceIndustries has made another cool tweak to the Secret Ops Model Upgrade Project. 2016-05-04 -- DOSBox Turbo has long been a popular option for getting classic PC games to run on modern Android devices, but it's not the only choice out there. 2016-05-02 -- DefianceIndustries has recently decided to take a stab at rendering an odd prototype in the CIC archives. 2016-04-30 -- There's a new poll out today that challenges you to think about what Wing Commander product fans would most like to have by their side if they were stranded on an island.
2016-04-29 -- The aptly named Emotional Multimedia Ride blog has posted classic reviews of both WC1 and WC2. 2016-04-27 -- In addition to his guide to Wing Commander 3, PhilsComputerLab has published helpful "tweak guides" for Wing Commanders 1 and 2 as well as Privateer. 2016-04-25 -- Lightning Picture of the Day recently posted this nifty photo of what appears to be the Wing Commander Movie's Rapiers after construction. 2016-04-23 -- It hasn't been very long since we first saw the upgraded Moray and Wasp models, but DefianceIndustries has already got both running smoothly in the Vision Engine. 2016-04-22 -- AD has come across a Korean blog that posts scans from old domestic gaming magazines.
2016-04-21 -- Warren Spector has been away from making games directly for a few years, but he's hopping back into it with the development of System Shock 3. 2016-04-20 -- If anyone in the world were to get Wing Commander presents on their birthday in 2016, it'd be LOAF.
2016-04-19 -- DefianceIndustries has completed his Wasp model with the addition of its massive booster pod. 2016-04-18 -- The 25th anniversary playthrough of The Secret Missions 2 has finally been posted to YouTube!

2016-04-17 -- LOAF has further increased his Wingnut devotion with an awesome Wing Commander tattoo!
Ola moradores pixelados, diretamente da redacao da Gazeta Gamer aqui e o Felipe Nunes e esta e a Coluna Social Gamer trazendo informacoes sobre a vida daqueles que fizeram historia nos videogames. Afinal, quem nao gosta de saber mais informacoes (uteis ou nao) sobre a vida daqueles que admira? Em 1983, apos ter sido demitido de um emprego, Spector estava imaginando como faria para pagar as contas, quando recebeu a ligacao de um amigo perguntando se ele queria um trabalho como editor. Apos sair da TSR, Spector comecou a trabalhar na industria de jogos eletronicos ao entrar na Origin Systems. Em 1998 Spector saiu de ambas as empresas para abrir uma subsidiaria da Ion Storm (empresa do John Romero), onde trabalhou em outro jogo extremamente elogiado, Deus Ex (2000, PC e PS2), um FPS tambem com tematica cyberpunk, elementos de RPG e que trazia a possibilidade do jogador realizar escolhas que trariam consequencias na sua experiencia de jogo. The publisher appears to be doing more than just testing the waters, as today, barely a month later, EA announced its second Live Arcade game, Wing Commander Arena. The game includes a single player mode and three multiplayer options (team, free-for-all, and duel), which EA promises will make it suitable for 10 minute sessions as well as 10-hour marathons.
Wing Commander Arena will attempt to breathe new life into the franchise when it releases this summer.
It wasn't the first game where players flew a ship around in space, but it was the first to combine cutting edge graphics, a branching mission tree, complex characters and an exciting storyline. One post showcases a massive 18-page spread on Wing Commander: Prophecy from around April 1998. Pouco tempo depois disso, ele era o editor chefe na empresa de jogos de RPGs Steve Jackson Games, onde chegou a desenvolver Toon, um sistema baseado em desenhos animados. Seu primeiro jogo na empresa foi Wing Commander, um simulador de nave espacial lancado para computadores em 1990.
Ele tambem fez uma sequencia, Deus Ex: Invisible War (2003, PC e Xbox), que tambem foi muito bem recebido, mas menos em comparacao ao seu antecessor.
O estudio foi comprado pela Disney em 2007 e em 2010 eles lancaram Epic Mickey para Nintendo Wii, que teve um visual muito elogiado mas criticas medianas. Players will be able to customize their ships and compete on leaderboards for flat-out frag counts, dueling stats, and high scores. As a rookie pilot aboard the TCS Tiger's Claw, the player was introduced to the viscious feline Kilrathi. At first glance it appears to be a brief game guide or walkthrough, but the article concludes with a rating of 95%, so it could also be a review with a lot of background information thrown in. Nessa coluna iremos falar sobre o responsavel por jogos muito cultuados, como Deus Ex e System Shock, Warren Spector.
Ainda desenvolveu outro jogo na Ion Storm, o stelth Thief: Deadly Shadows (2004, PC e Xbox), terceira sequencia do titulo que havia lancada na Looking Glass.
Atualmente esta em producao uma sequencia para ele, Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, que sera lancado no dia 18 de Novembro para PC, Xbox 360, PS3 e Wii.

Over the course of dozens of missions, the Terran Confederation managed to force the Empire of Kilrah out of the Vega Sector. PC gamers used the original Wing Commander game to show off their powerful new 386 machines to their friends. The game exuded style and polish from the cockpit hand that followed players' joystick movements to the dripping bucket in the barracks.You're a starfighter pilot, the best of the best, but nothing in your training prepared you for action this hot.
Deepspace dogfights against Kilrathi aces are deadly, and the future of humanity is on the line each time you fly!Wing Commander puts you in the middle of the most intense starship action you've ever experienced outside of a movie theater. The easiest way to enjoy the game on a modern computer and operating system, is to buy it as a digital download from Origin or Good Old Games.Playing the gameDon't know how to land your ship? The booklet didn't tell you how to play the game, it treated you like you were a 27th century fighter pilot catching up on the news between missions.
The ship specifications, pilot-of-the-month bios and in-universe editorials became the standard for the franchise going forward. Chris Roberts has always sought for an immersive game experience, and the inclusion of Claw Marks meant that Wing Commander offered it before the player could even insert the first disk.
Deluxe EditionThis (floppy) edition includes Wing Commander 1 and both Secret Missions addons. Deluxe Edition CDThis edition includes Wing Commander 1 and both Secret Missions addons on a single CD-Rom. The SNES version has a host of weird Nintendo-requested minor changes (the Blue Devils are the 'Blue Angels' - things like that).
The only real difference is that the fighters menu in the trainsim has 'rotating' images of the fighters instead of simple VDU line drawings. It has some new 'bridge' plot points (characters occasionally mention stealth fighters) and a 'middle' set of addon (SM1.5!) missions about blowing up the Sivar's base.
FM TownsPublished by FujitsuVisually identical to the PC version - the only significant change is that it has a Redbook audio soundtrack instead of MIDIs and Japanese speech inflight. They were the first computers to ship with CD-ROM drives standard -- so the FM Towns ports of many early Origin games have full speech (Ultima 6 is the famous one).
CD-32Released 1994-03-01Identical to the original A500 Amiga version, except with 256 color graphics.

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