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There are 2 WordPress options that you can adjust to change the behavior of how WordPress works.
Be aware with these settings in the wp-config.php file, the ability to modify them from the dashboard is lost. With the RELOCATE flag set, WordPress will automatically update your WordPress core files path to the URL used to attempt to access the wp-login.php script.
Even with your explanations here, I'm still not sure how these 2 setting work or what their real purposes are. Also, If I change these two settings and my site crashes again, do I recover by editing the the wp-config file, or the functions.php file? Can the first example be done of the basic version of wordpress or does it require the premium plan? I follow the step above, the issue has been fixed, All I had to do was just to wait for sometime, the wordpress login page was overided with the site login page. You may want to rename the wp-ecommerce plugin from the plugins folder to see if the site functions correctly without it (dashboard, regular posts, etc).

WordPress 3.1 will most likely be released in the next few weeks, and it brings with it a few major changes. The major change for WordPress Multi Site is the isolation of the Network Administration area. Other changes have been made to the code within WordPress to optimize certain actions and generally make things happen more quickly and easily in the backend.
You might also need to modify these settings after moving your WordPress website to a new server, or testing a new structure for your website.
This method will typically work if you haven't moved your WordPress installation and aren't having any issues access it.
If you've moved your WordPress site or are trying to test it from a temporary URL, this also might be the only method that works for you. I've changed this in the past, in the General Settings, and my website went away with errors everywhere. This is the recommended method to ensure that everything with WordPress continues to function properly.

So if it works with the theme turned off, change your theme to another for testing, say one of the defaults, then re-enable the plugin. The Super Admin menu is going away, and being replaced with an entirely new admin dashboard for Super Admin users. The key difference, though, is that you’ll need to hook into the network_admin_menu action rather than the admin_menu action. Quite simply, it’s a fixed menu bar that gives you access to some of the actions you use most often with the WordPress admin area.

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