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After beating Bowser, a secret island with a Purple Mushroom House will become available to you. When completing a level, if the last two digits in the time remaining are the same number (I.E. In Superstar Road you can pick up the Penguin Suit and Propeller Suit, both suits being from New Super Mario Bros Wii, from any of the four Mushroom Houses. Normally you must beat a Secret Level, Fortress or Castle to be able to save your progress (Quick Save will allow you to "pause" your game when you turn it off). The Fortresses here leads to a fight with Kamek, who previously in the game is only seen enhancing the Koopalings when the heroes reach them in Castles. This course is an auto-scrolling course, featuring Tilt Lifts that can be moved by rotating the Wii Remote.
The level is a secret level, and can only be unlocked by taking the secret path on World 8-2.
Super Mushroom • Mario Car • 1-Up Mushroom • Mini Mushroom • Propeller Mushroom • Fire Flower • Ice Flower • Penguin Suit • Star • Coin • Blue Coin • Red Coin • Red Ring • Star Coin • Trampoline • POW Block • Light Block • Propeller Block • Stretch Block • Roulette Block • P Switch • ? Amp • Banzai Bill • Banzai Bill Cannon • Big Boo • Big Cheep Cheep • Big Deep Cheep • Big Dry Bones • Big Fuzzy • Big Goomba • Big Piranha Plant • Big Venus Fire Trap • Big Wiggler • Big Urchin • Bill Blaster • Bill Blaster Turret • Blooper • Blooper Baby • Blooper Nanny • Bob-omb • Boo • Boomerang Bro • Bramball • Broozer • Bulber • Bull's-Eye Bill • Bullet Bill • Burner • Buzzy Beetle • Cannonball • Chain Chomp • Cheep Cheep • Cheep Chomp • Circling Boo Buddies • Clampy • Climbing Koopa • Cooligan • Crowber • Deep Cheep • Dry Bones • Eep Cheep • Fire Bar • Fire Bro • Fire Chomp • Fire Piranha Plant • Fire Snake • Fish Bone • Foo • Fuzzy • Ghost Vase • Giant Cannonball • Giant Spiked Ball • Goomba • Hammer Bro • Heavy Para-Beetle • Huckit Crab • Ice Bro • Jellybeam • King Bill • King Bill (New Super Mario Bros.
Star Coin 1: Go on the platform with the second Star Coin on it then head left near the ceiling and run left until you find a hidden door. Star Coin 2: Wall jump the shaft above the first group of Circling Boo Buddies to get the Star Coin. Star Coin 3: Go in the structure in the second group of Circling Boo Buddies to get the coin.

In the background to the right of the circling boo buddies shows a spider web with a picture of Luigi form. By the flagpole of the first Star Coin shows a passage way to Frosted Glacier-Secret Fliprus Floes.
Kamek is much easier with the help of a Fire Flower -- and there's a powerup along the wall just to the left of his door if you need it. His projectiles will remove the first block they hit which can make for tricky platforming if you don't plan ahead. Secrets in this game range from Secret Exits to hidden paths, unlockable areas, free items and more! They will appear in all of the locations on the map screen where they appeared previously, but will never go away. However, after you beat the game, press + on the Map Screen to use the unlocked Save Game feature and save anywhere you darn well please! This world also features the third and final fight with Bowser Jr., once again on an Airship. Jump to the coin off the brown platform just as the rod swings past the it and run off the other side, connecting with the platform again. Use the top of this block maze to access a secret area directly under the flag -- you have to jump through the ceiling to get there. He'll teleport a few times before settling on a spot and you can bet the spot he chooses will make him hard to stomp. Try and hit him before he fires or at least position yourself in an area where his shot won't do much damage.

Important: You can travel to World 9 or back and forth between previous levels at ANY TIME by pressing - on the Map Screen and using the Select World menu! Inside the Mushroom House is a posterboard that tracks all of your statistics, including number of deaths, number of 1-ups from flagpoles, boost blocks jumped on, and even number of applauses! However, if you have obtained a P-Acorn by catching Nabbit, you can fly up and over the wall and over to the Goal area. The final level features the two-part final battle with Bowser, who is not once seen in the game up until that point.
Blocks he hits turn into various things, some extremely dangerous (Bob-Ombs, Thwomps!) so don't hang out under blocks about to be zapped. Levels with Secret Goals have two end flags in different locations, a black "normal" flag and a red Secret Goal flag that leads to shortcuts or Warp Cannons. After this, Toad will call out to you and Mario will walk past the goal to speak to Toad, who will give you an item.
Examples of levels you can do this in are Acorn Plains-2 Tilted Tunnel and Layer-Cake Desert-2 Perilous Pokey Cave.

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