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SharePoint 2013 introduces numerous new or improved social media functions that make it easier for people in companies to work together. Like Facebook, My Site in SharePoint 2013 gives each employee his or her own profile page which is usually synchronised with the Active Directory.
Facebook reached one billion users in October 2012, more than half of which use the social network daily. There can be no doubt that social media has become an inextricable part of our daily lives.
The My Site function familiar to users of previous SharePoint versions has been further developed and improved for the 2013 version. Other central social media components include comment functions, information sharing with selected people and personal evaluations of all documents, images, lists and blog entries. To ensure the comprehensive exchange of information throughout the company, SharePoint offers both blogging functions and an advanced search function that can access elements such as documents, blogs, news and My Site pages. To follow the activities of specified SharePoint users, SharePoint 2013 offers a news feed function. The final function that promotes cross-location networking between employees and merits mention in this regard is Lync, the internal messaging and presence information tool. Thanks to its new social media functions, SharePoint 2013 makes it significantly easier for employees in different locations to network with each other and enables centralised storage of information so that it can be accessed at any time. Notwithstanding the extension of SharePoint to enable its use as a social media tool, the use of social media is a strategic and cultural decision that must be made by each company individually irrespective of the technical options available. As a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), I create resumes and cover letters that sell the client in the best possible way for the position he or she is seeking. 4sefed wrote:Need to add a blurb on Thermostats, and the procedure for cycling the key to get the fault codes (if there is one lol)I've never seen anyone who actually got the key cycling thing to work, I'm pretty sure it doesn't work for any of our CRDs. Sir Sam wrote:These days there is even a newer, better OEM torque converter that can be purchase for about $250 new. To avoid a check-engine light with the MAF unplugged, is it possible just to "plug up" the holes in the MAF?
Twitter and Linkedin, with 600 million and 175 million users respectively, are also major social networks. This development is the result of various factors, including globalisation and the urge felt by many internet users to be able to express their views and receive feedback from other users at all times. Social media is primarily used for public relations purposes in social networks as well as for microblogging. In the fields of social media and collaboration, SharePoint 2013 offers a diverse range of functions.
One improvement is the clearer presentation of information relevant to the respective user on My Site in SharePoint 2013.
And with the FAST search technology now integrated as standard, it is possible to connect and reliably index as well as search other systems in the environment.
The integration of Lync and SharePoint makes it possible to ascertain the current presence state of employees at any time in SharePoint as well. For example, the Yammer and Skype products recently acquired by Microsoft will be increasingly integrated into existing products such as SharePoint and to open up new possibilities for covering social media requirements internally.
Acceptance of the use of social media within a company may vary across generations and parts of the business; however, the need for an efficient solution enabling simple communication and a secure flow of information will only continue to grow. IF YOU DON'T Feel CONFIDENT DOING THIS CORRECT FIND SOMEONE WHO ISSo lets say you just bought a CRD.
I'm sure to be re-reading it again.Checking that the ECUs have the latest flashes wouldn't be a bad idea. It took me a month of searching this site to understand all the info Sir Sam posted here, so again, THANKS!Should this be a sticky in the CRD tech? A little foil tape around the sensor maybe?I think what he is referring to is what would happen if you left the electrical connection plugged in but removed the MAF sensor entirely. In addition to these three platforms, which currently dominate web-based communication and information gathering, YouTube and Wikipedia are also noteworthy actors. These trends underscore the importance for worldwide networking and the capacity for exchanging information across national borders. But they are becoming increasingly important within companies as well, as nearly every company today must have the capability to work efficiently with other locations within the organisation. Another enhancement in SharePoint 2013 is the option of using hashtags and mentions in microblogging. Lync also makes it simple to exchange information quickly and secures suitable means of communication even between remote locations, for instance via telephone, video conference or desktop sharing.
SharePoint already has a Yammer app representing the first stage of integration of SharePoint and Yammer. When I had my turbo replaced the mechanic reflashed my ECU to ensure I had the latest updates.

Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia available in over 280 languages and has over 1.5 million articles in German alone. Internal networking between employees and centralised information exchange are thus becoming ever more critical for companies. With My Site, each employee can create a profile page and edit it as necessary at any time and it is generally synchronised with the Active Directory. These functions are already familiar from Twitter and have now been integrated in SharePoint. SharePoint 2013 enables filtering of search results by specific criteria using a horizontal . For example, news feeds display all microblog entries from the respective users and can be subscribed to individually. Likewise, Skype is already integrated in Lync to extend Lync’s functionality for use with external contacts as well.
Youtube can also boast impressive user numbers: an astonishing 25 hours of video material is uploaded to the site worldwide every minute.
Moreover, the increasingly common blurring of the line between private time and work life means that many people are no longer physically present at the company while doing their work. Users create public profiles to make contact information and shared colleagues visible to everyone in SharePoint, share personal information, make specific knowledge available publicly and display all activities in a clear manner. The new SharePoint version also allows users to follow changes to any My Site page and documents or pages via My Site. Remember search is your friend, it can be frustrating trying to find information in it, but most of it is there, buried somewhere, at the very least you should learn a little bit from the search and give you a leg up on asking intelligent questions when it comes time to make a post.
Pulled in to the garage --- noticed fair amount of fumes from the EHM <-- how much is normal for a warm engine now at idle? Also standard is an “Ask me about” function in which experiences and knowledge can be assigned to a user’s profile through the addition of keywords and tags. In addition to the SharePoint search function, which enables users to find information in a structured manner, there is also a standard Wiki which, like Wikipedia, allows all users to edit and add information. So you just got a CRD, we need to do a little work on it to bring it to its true potential.
Don't worry, most of this will only consume your Saturday if your willing to forgo sleeping in and get up and get to working on it. This guide will not concentrate on the specifics of how to do each task, but rather what should be done and why(as in not the nuts and bolts of the procedure, sizes of wrenches, how to remove a filter etc). But a fair set of tools, a set of old garage clothes(probably ones that your WD(wife department, SO, GF BF BFF etc) made you stop wearing), and a little bit of brain power will get you a long way. If you don't have those things, well you better start finding a good shop nearby and get friendly with them.
The symptoms can sneak up on you and leave you with a dangerously underpowered vehicle when you need it(such as trying to pass a Semi or merging with traffic). Napa is usually a pretty good bet and has what appears to be a rebranded WIX with a part number of FIL 3647 for about $30, you can usually find one in stock in your town. Chances are the PO never cleaned it, and the service guys didn't even know it existed, so its full of gunk.
I have had several friends purchase CRDs which had noticeably lower performance than mine, when we pulled the map we noticed it was just all caked over in gunk. Many solvents can be used to clean it but MAF(Mass Airflow Sensor) cleaner is probably one of the safer bets, and is available at many local FLAPS(Friendly Local Auto Parts Store). Oily mist coats the intake and gets all over the inside surface of the hoses, this causes the hoses to soften, and then split or rupture. Don't worry, if this does happen it won't kill the engine, or damage anything else, but you will be driving a vehicle with almost no power, and one that really can't be safely driven in traffic. Basically you should be able to limp home with a bad hose, and then wait a week for a new one to arrive while your Jeep sits in the garage. You might want to do this outside with the garden hose as the WD(Wife department) will most likely be upset when she see's this being done in her kitchen. The new OEM turbo side hose comes with a new oil resistant liner, the drivers side intake hose does not. It's not a right away sort of thing, but it's a silent killer sort of thing, so you really need to check it at some point.
Fifth wrote:Fifth, Lets change your oil!Personally I would recommend the Mobile One M1-301*.
It is a good quality filter and only costs a few bucks more than its cheaper Fram equivalent, the PH8A. This filter is larger than the one originally specified for the CRD, it is large in diameter, and is longer.
If running a non-stock part bothers you then stick to the Mobile One, or other high quality filter specified for the CRD from your local FLAPS.

Now I should caution that the CRD uses an aluminum oil pan, you can't just tighten down the drain plug as hard as you want to like on a steel pan.
The drain plug SHOULD use a copper crush wash to seal the pan, which means you don't need to torque it down real tight. There is a good chance that someone in the past didn't know this, and that the drain plug is missing the crush washer, and even possibly that your drain plug threads may be somewhat stripped.
First, always use a crush washer, its even a good idea to replace it each time, I got a set of copper crush washer from harbor freight very cheaply just for this purpose, there are enough washer there to last me for years.
Now lets say your threads are kinda questionable, or you just don't want to take any chances. If your the preventative maintenance type of person I would also recommend a tranny flush and new filters. This is just good measure but its not something you should do right away like the above items. This is the main engine sensor, without it the ECU cannot correctly determine the injection event and the boost.
With a stock CRD the combination of oil overfill, stock CCV, and EGR will leave this sensor coated with a sooty oily mess in about 8k miles. When the sensor is dirty the CRD will experience decreased fuel economy, decreased power, increased turbo lag, worse drivability, hesitation etc. The sensor is also delicate and care needs to be taken when cleaning, the best solution is to do the modifications to cleanup the intake path. After nearly 50k miles of the ORM my MAP stays clean, really only needing to be cleaning every 50k miles or so.The ORM(Off Road Modification) is where the MAF is unplugged, with the MAF unplugged the EGR ceases to function.
You will see a cleaner intake, better driveability, and better fuel economy with the EGR disabled via the ORM. It has a small clear paper filter dropping out below it, has two small rubber pipes plugged on it and has a connector on it. The EHM(Elephant Hose Modification) is where the CCV(Crank Case Vent) is rerouted from the turbo intake and vents to atmosphere. If the hose is simply routed down next to the ground occasional mist and drops of oil can be seen coming from the hose. As stated, soot in the intake of a diesel is BAD.Next, install an Elephant Hose (or Provent, see above) to stop oil mist flowing into your turbo and intake tract. It builds up, restricting the flow of air and affecting the MAP sensor reading, which is next.First is the combination of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and Closed Crankcase Ventilation. This is nessesary for some people, particularly those who have spouse who drive the vehicle.Oil Overfill, do not overfill the oil, and do not fill it to the top of the dipstick line for MAX. Even at MAX the oil is really too high, the extra oil will then be blown out through the intake, coating the inside of the boost hoses and CAC.Replacement filter head, a new redesigned fuel filter head which is less prone to leaking and heater head failure was released by chrysler. If you think you need to replace your fuel filter then you should consider replacing this at the same time. Some people constantly experienced problems, and others like myself have never had an issue. The problem arises in that the tank does not have a electric pump in it, meaning the that injection pump must suck(as if through a very long straw) all the fuel from the tank, through the lines, and through the filter(which a dirty filter can also cause problems here). Since this system is under suction, and therefore a vacuum, instead of a little fuel leak that coats the filter with some grime, air gets sucked into and builds in the system until it replaces fuel being injected into your engine, and you loose power.The solution to this problem is to install an electric lift pump in the system. The CRD's put out so much torque that in the early days the Torque converter was prone to failure. Various companies offer upgraded ECU tunes, and most recently TCM tunes that restore the jeep to what it used to be! These days there is even a newer, better OEM torque converter that can be purchase for about $250 new(Prices have now gone up since first posting, I believe it is around $350 now). In addition to the new OEM unit Suncoast makes a quality upgraded unit for the CRD, this unit is more expensive that then new OEM replacement. Should your converter fail there is a risk that it can also cause the transmission to fail. Leaving you replacing both a transmission and a torque converter, rather than just the cheaper torque converter.
In addition if you are considering an ECU tune for improved performance and fuel economy you should consider a new torque converter as peace of mind.
Not to mention the many extra man hours to remove the intake to replace them(at least 5 hours total, and at $75 an hour for shop labor that adds up quick). Minimum to pay someone else to fix it including parts count on $1500, PLUS the normal costs of a timing belt!

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