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Most meditation focuses on breathing, but I find that the most powerful techniques are based on an essential principal: to meditate on what you want to become.
If we use the meditation techniques from ancient Hindu or Buddhist texts, remarkable transformations of the mind are possible.
To clear obstacles from your mind and life, the most powerful meditation object recommended by the ancient masters is to invite an image of an enlightened being into your meditation. It’s a great power when you are able to wish happiness for all beings, regardless of how they treat you. The next time you sit in meditation, think about how nice it would be if everyone could find happiness.
The wisdom of change has been around for a long time, but we often often forget it when it comes to meditating. Just as Heraclitus told ancient Greeks, “You can’t step in the same river twice,” remind yourself that you can’t sit on the same meditation cushion twice. Perhaps the best qualities of superheroes are that they never give up, no matter how hard things get.

James Connor is the author of The Superyogi Scenario, a page-turning thriller that allows readers to experience authentic wisdom that creates superheroes. Sign up to receive our monthly newsletter, the Phoenix, and our minister’s daily musing and updates about life in this community. We can open our hearts, eliminate anger and raise our consciousness, all of which have a direct effect on the process of our own evolution as human beings. Who you invite is up to you, but choose someone with qualities that you would like to emulate — a God of your own understanding. Then, wish happiness for everyone and send that wish out on rays of light from the center of your chest as a form of loving kindness. Too many people say, “I can’t sit still,” or, “I can’t meditate,” and they lose before they even begin.
Start each session by saying, “I’m going to focus and still my mind, so I can become a better person to help others.” Meditate for everyone.
Each session will consist of two 25 minute periods of seated meditation with a 10 minute period of walking meditation.

People of all faith traditions, races, ages, sexual orientations, and backgrounds call UUCSV home. It doesn’t matter how your meditation went yesterday, or how it starts at the beginning of a session.
The evening will conclude with a brief talk and chanting, followed by questions and discussion. Even when people act out or act badly, it’s because they are trying to get something they believe will make them happy.
When you realize that your mind can change in an instant, you raise your belief level for what is possible.

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