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As the sun begins to set on the Xbox 360 and the second generation of Xbox Live, we thought it would be good to look back at the service to see how far it's come. Before Microsoft raised eyebrows amongst gamers with the announcement of the original Xbox, people were happily gaming over phone lines with 56.6K modems.
However, the groundbreaking Phantasy Star Online showed platform holders that there was a market for online console gaming. In 2000, when the Xbox was first announced, Microsoft came under fire for choosing to restrict online access to broadband. When we spoke with Microsoft in 2002, we were told that the purpose in choosing broadband was to push multiplayer as far as possible. Voice chat wasn't possible in those early days before Xbox Live, and even when the service did become available, talking with strangers could sometimes be very odd thanks to the since-abandoned voice masking feature. Before the service was rolled out to the world, I was part of a group of gamers that were selected as beta testers for Xbox Live. More impressive than the system's integrity in those early days, I recall friendly banter and a general air of sportsmanship. There was a time when the very concept of additional maps, vehicles, and play modes in a console game seemed magical. Shortly after Sonic Mega Collection Plus and Sonic Heroes became part of the Platinum Hits series, they were both released in combo packs, each game included Super Monkey Ball Deluxe. With news that Sony may be officially revealing the next PlayStation in a little over two weeks at a February 20 event, it would behoove Microsoft to make sure Sony doesn’t totally dominate the news cycle. VGLeaks notes that the reportedly leaked specs represent the hardware unencumbered by running actual code, so performance can’t quite be judged on the hardware specs alone.
Out of the very detailed specs contained in the report, the more notable ones claim that the GPU, codenamed Durango, has a clock rate of 800MHz, which lines up with a previous rumor regarding one of the Xbox 720’s SoCs. The GPU will have a run capability of 1.2Tflops, which also lines up with one of the previous rumors. The Durango GPU will reportedly be capable of 2x, 4x, and 8x multisample anti-aliasing (MSAA), as well as a modified type of MSAA, compressed AA.
If you perhaps thought backwards compatibility would never come to the Xbox One, that would be understandable. But if you'd lost hope in ever playing Halo 3 on the Xbox One (besides the inevitable re-release, of course), console development lead Frank Savage is here to extend the long arm of hope to you. When asked at Microsoft's Build conference if there are plans for Xbox 360 compatibility, Kotaku reports that Savage said, "There are, but we're not done thinking them through yet, unfortunately. Backwards compatibility is far more complicated than it sounds, due to the fact that every console is built from very specific parts and designed to run a specific way.
It's not that it can't be done, but that it's a lot of work for a feature most people don't use.

Provided backwards compatibility ever makes it onto the Xbox One, it'll most likely be in one of two forms: Severely hampered (like the Xbox 360's emulation of the original Xbox) or streamed over the web (as Sony plans to do with the PlayStation 4).
The Xbox 360 was "backwards compatible" with the original Xbox, but only 50% of the Xbox's library was ever made to work. The Xbox 360 was "backwards compatible" with the original Xbox, but only with certain games, and even those games occasionally had texture or sound issues. Microsoft certainly has a robust server infrastructure in Azure, its cloud hosting platform. But until we know more, you'll have to keep that 360 hooked up if you want to play Red Dead Redemption or Gears of War. Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done.
Achievements, avatars, gamerscore, DLC, and Netflix are all part of the evolution, but where did it all begin? PC Gamers shrugged when the Dreamcast found success in connecting living rooms to the Internet. Sony and Microsoft both took notice, but went down different paths to bring distant gamers together. They didn't want developers to have to dial back their ambitions to work on a dial-up connection.
Microsoft's former chief experience officer, J Allard, shared a story when we first covered the Xbox Live rollout.
For our $50 entry fee, we received a memory card, Xbox Communicator puck, a headset, a slick carrying case, and a one-year subscription to the service (that started on the official launch date). I recall downloading my first add-on, a free pack of additional mechs for Day1 Studios' MechAssault. For $4.99, players could expand the game with two new game types and three new maps (in addition to the mechs, maps, and modes available for free). However, we would like to note that the following specs cannot be considered official until Microsoft announces if they are or aren’t. Essentially, compressed AA combines the benefits of both high MSAA and the lesser space requirements of lower MSAA. They are available in resolutions suitable for Mac, PC, iPhone, and Android phones, and all manner of desktop and laptop displays.
Designed as the next-generation of entertainment, the Xbox One is offers everything you can expect from a home entertainment system, controlling every aspect of your TV viewing to your gaming habits. After all, it was former Xbox chief Don Mattrick himself who infamously told us last year, "If you're backwards compatible, you're really backwards." And then probably high-fived himself for that sweet wordplay.

Things get even more complicated when you get towards the end of a console cycle and developers use the hardware in different ways than intendeda€”features which must be properly included in emulation.
It wouldn't be surprising if Microsoft got emulation working with two- or three-dozen of the most popular games and left the rest to rot. Sony has plans for PlayStation Now, a streaming service that will allow both new and old games to be played on a remote machine over the weba€”remnants of Sony's Gaikai acquisition. It wouldn't be surprising to see Xbox 360 backwards compatibility arrive in that form, although streaming comes with its own issues, primarily latency. Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links.
While Sony opted for an external attachment (released alongside the first SOCOM title), Microsoft chose to include a broadband adapter inside each black-and-green console. Servers for the two launch titles, MechAssault and Unreal Championship, were flooded with eager fans.
Whether or not Microsoft has actually leaked Xbox 720 specs, some official-looking Xbox 720 GPU specs have surfaces and been and published for the world to see. The shader core will contain 4 SIMDs, which will employ an instruction set that helps the shaders preserve processing power when operating on a smaller number of components at a time. Compared to the Xbox 360’s EDRAM, the ESRAM is capable of texturing, and rendering to surfaces in the main RAM, among other tasks. With that in mind, we've prepared these desktop wallpapers so you can prepare yourself for the Xbox One, slated for release later this year.
It's easy for Microsoft to say they're working on it and get people excited, but it's much harder to execute on the idea.
Streaming games doesn't require the technical trickery of native console emulation, as it's essentially just a video feed, but itA does require a robust server infrastructure. Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. The service remained stable for the most part, which is a feat even by today's standards. It wasn’t until later that users became more cautious about value for the DLC dollar as more publishers tested the waters with different types of add-ons.
Even Apple, when it switched from PowerPC to Intel processorsa€”as Microsoft did when it moved from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox Onea€”declined to update the Classic shell used to emulate OS9.

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