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From this map, we can see only 3 branches stand on the right of the central topic, the others, no matter how many they are, will be put on the left. In former mind map structures (Balanced Map), no matter Up to down, Clockwise or Anticlockwise, it always autoarranges the branch position based on the topic quantity to make the map with an overall visual balance. In addition to above mind map structures, the distinctive Matrix structure is also frequently used.
And, the Fishbone structure is often used for cause and effect analyzing in project management. On this beautiful and crisp autumn day, we’re so excited to announce that the brand new XMind 6 is completely available for you now. XMind 6 comes with 3 different editions: XMind (free and open), XMind 6 Plus, and XMind 6 Pro. We all know that, mind mapping is one of the best ways to capture our thoughts and bring them to life in visual way. XMind, as one of the most popular mind mapping software tools, is always focusing on improving the quality and ability and delivering great user experience. In this post, he introduces his favorite products and how these products have helped him in capturing ideas, handling complex problems, designing products and so on.
I’ve had the pleasure of trying out lots of products because there are so many amazing teams out there pushing the envelope.
If your order is from October 8th (GMT), our system will automatically send you the upgrade news and new license key once XMind 6 is released. XMind 2013 Pro can upgrade to XMind 6 Pro and XMind 2013 Plus can upgrade to XMind 6 Plus, but XMind 2013 Plus can’t upgrade to XMind 6 Pro for free.
Full-screen and a stress-free scene, here, makes you take all attention on capturing the inspiration and sparkles in your mind. As a popular note-taking and archiving application, Evernote is used by tens of millions of users, also including a large number of XMind users. A complicated mind map must contain various elements, such as markers, labels, and Task Info. Our new Theme Editor provides you an efficient way to easily modify your favorite themes and design a new theme. Work with the most popular Mind Mapping tool and the most professional project manage tool together. An elegant appearance of our mind map can not only make the readers enjoy it, but also deliver more details of our mind. BTW, we’ll offer FREE UPGRADE to XMind 6 for all who buy XMind 2013 from October 8th.
XMind has just been rated as the best brainstorming and mind-mapping tech tool on Lifehack, one of the premier productivity and lifestyle blogs on the web. And they says, “In order to be able to see a relationship between various ideas and information, we use mind mapping. From the very beginning, we wish to design a product to clarify thinking, organize information and get works done. Now, look at the Mind map, as a great productivity tool, it should play the more important role in our life.And here, I just collect few things it can help to share with you. Manage the main ideas in pyramid structure and stretch them one by one intuitively without any limitation.
Converting daily task into topic, we can quickly manage them, catch our action blueprint, and make the implementation process without anxiety. Visualizing information, and organizing them in structure make it more efficiently to memorize the complex information.
XMind is a recently introduced mind mapping tool available for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.
Data entry – The ability to quickly add and edit information is the single most important feature of a mind mapping tool, and XMind makes input fast and painless. Navigation – With a single-button mouse, click-and-hold on any free space in the map to drag the map around. Labeling (tagging) and Notes – Labels can be added to any map item and used to quickly filter large maps. Numbering options are basic but functional; for each level of the mindmap tree, you can select Roman numerals (I, II, III), Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3), and capital and lowercase letters (A, B, C or a, b, c). Visual Themes – Most usefully, XMind supports visual themes, which can expedite editing multiple documents. For me, the killer feature of XMind is the ability to utilize multiple layout structures within the same map.

Although other mappers have this feature, its XMind offers more flexibility than its Mac OS-compatible counterparts. At present, there is no way to create a parent topic with multiple siblings selected; you must create the parent topic for one topic and drag other topics into it. More frustrating, there is currently no keyboard-only option to edit a topic; typing overwrites the selected topic, so you need to use the mouse for this purpose.
To see what your document will actually look like without wasting paper, go through the printer options setting to the OS X dialog box. Although XMind feels like a late beta product, it’s a strong contender for the cross-platform mind mapping market.
Also, to their credit, the XMind team have been very responsive — they have responded to several separate email requests and seem intent on improving the product. Editing items works by keyboard, not sure if you missed it or they added it since your review.
I think the problem with their RTF Export is that they are including a GIF picture which none of the Mac importers can handle. Printing seems improved since the various reviews and I’ve also just used the PDF export to give people documents which include the full mindmap as a scalable vector picture as well as the outline points below. I fiddled with the page setup, specifically the margins and can’t seem to get them back to normal. Both versions are enabled for online sharing and collaboration via XMind Share, a new website which allows XMind users to share their mind maps and other visual thinking content in a Web 2.0 style online community. The major new feature in XMIND Pro 3 is the addition of a Gantt view, which will make it more attractive to project managers. Usiamo cookie nostri e di terze parti per migliorare i nostri servizi e la vostra esperienza.
Actually, we’ve received many orders for the team package after last promotion in Juanary. First, we should introduce you a new mind map structure supported in the new XMind 6, as shown below. As well, if we add topics on the right, they will be always on the right unless we move them manually. In fact, different structures will bring significant differences in terms of effectiveness. The past 7 years, we’ve been dedicated to developing the most efficient and powerful product to make people more productive and creative and work smarter.
It really helps us become more creative, remember more, and solve problems more effectively.
Everyday, what we all think about is how to make XMind easier to use, more professional and powerful. As product design emerges as a unifying idea that blends user interface design, interaction design, and experience design, we are starting to see products that complement each other really well.
The ones listed below are my favorites because they are simple, focused, and do what they do really well.
Mind mapping helps look at things holistically, and fill in all the important details with XMind.
In XMind 6, we can export our mind maps into OpenDocument Text, Presentation and Spreadsheet.
It was fairly successful that thousands of students, faculty and staff members benefited from this campaign and received their XMind Plus license finally. Finding the gap between the purpose and the reality, we can decomposing the goal and design the next actions. I purchased XMind several weeks ago and have found it to be a robust and rewarding tool, though it’s certainly not without its issues. Options include traditional mindmapping structures (map, left tree, right tree, logic charts, org charts) as well as 2D chart (analogous to a spreadsheet clipping) and fishbone diagram options. That said, if you desperately need to share your data, you can copy and paste into OmniOutliner. Printing with the default 5mm margins yielded a printout that was both off-center and clipped.
Of course, if you have structured a map using something XMind-specific, like 2D charts, you just get a plain mind map in MindJet.
Questo include la personalizzazione di pubblicita, la funzionalita dei social media e l’analisi del nostro traffico. Because in traditional concepts, mind map should spread out from a central topic, along with curves, colors, keywords and images.

In practice, this structure won’t automatically re-layout the map in order to be balanced. So we decided that everyone who buys XMind now, can get free upgrade to XMind 6 in the future. In this new version, we’ll bring eight big new features and a dozen significant improvements, along with most of known bugs fixed. For XMind, it supports us to identify the pros and cons, map out the likely consequences of every choice, and take actions. Any page setup options are performed via a combination of the print dialog box and printer-specific settings.
I tinkered for a while and finally got a well-centered document with a 40mm left margin and 0mm right margin — though the built-in preview has no bearing on the final product. Although this will return you to the Java print box, when you finally choose Print you’ll get the Mac preview. Initially, all text is selected but command-leftArrow or Home take you to the start of text, a simple arrow leaves the insertion point at the end.
As part of its goal of making XMIND more accessible to a growing audience of visual mappers, the developer has introduced a royalty-free, open-source edition of XMIND and a subscription-based professional edition, XMIND Pro 3. XMIND 3 Pro is available for a US$49 per year subscription, a great value in these troubled economic times. Users of this no-cost version can share their maps via the new XMIND Share community, but only publicly. Sign up today and you'll get my Mind Mapping Software Update and Visual Thinking Digest e-newsletters.
Inoltre condividiamo informazioni sull’uso del nostro sito con i nostri partner pubblicitari, di social media e di dati statistici.
The most popular mind mapping software has redesigned its brainstorming mode, and brought you the new functionality–Save to Evernote.
We can add subtopics into every grid and each subtopic can have their own subtopics, even we can use different structures to fully show map information. Benefiting from a superior design, in XMind, we can apply different structures on different topics in the same mind map.
It’s just amazing how helpful it is to jot down ideas with hierarchy and logical relationships rather than my usual chicken scratch on paper.
This is a very convenient way to share stuff within a team, also between your Mac and Windows. Command-Return inserts a parent topic, and Shift-Return creates a sibling topic before the selected topic. Notably, it uses the native Mac open and save dialog boxes (failure to do so would have been a deal-breaker for me), and can summon Apple’s Color Picker utility instead of the standard Java fare.
Only XMIND Pro 3 users can designate their maps as private, and control who has access to them. You'll also get immediate access to my exclusive report, 12 Building Blocks of Effective Mind Maps - FREE! After reviewing all the mind maps we’ve ever created, we must found that, many of the them were not in the pure mind map sturcture, but in org chart, logic chart, matrix or other structure. Of course the premise is that it should be conducive to the overall information delivery of the map. After a year’s effort and sweat, today, XMind comes with so many cool new features and important improvements here to users. When I start a new project, I will typically follow my research with a brain dump in XMind. And we may still need a better assistant, who can help us planing work, analyzing complicated things, or even making decisions.
Both versions make it easy to upload maps to this site; the program prompts you to login when you first open it. You can really do a lot with it other than brainstorm, just play around with the pre-loaded templates to get an idea.

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