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Latest studies show that in our food, water, air and physical environments we are exposed to over 18,000 toxins a day. Quantum Biofeedback is applied through the use of a device called the EPFX (Electro physiology Feedback Xrroid); an incredibly accurate system based on the science of Quantum Physics. Quantum Biofeedback is a technique in which people are trained to improve their health by using signals from their own body.
Quantum Biofeedback promises to play a significant role in the future of increasing health through relaxation for stress and pain management.
Most individuals feel nothing at all, while others can experience a state of deep relaxation and a general sense of well-being or some even feel energized immediately following a session.
Quantum Biofeedback can result in an overall improved sense of well-being, greater mental clarity, pain reduction, and improved physical performance. The QuantumPulse Machine is based on proven technologies and theories developed by scientists.
For ten years a naturopathic doctor from Carmel, CA had tried everything to overcome her advancing disabilities. This former Big Sur Marathon runner spent three consecutive years confined to a wheelchair.
Disclaimer: The EPFX Device is for biofeedback, and is designed for stress and pain management (Quantum Biofeedback) methods only. It is up to the client to change their lifestyle in order to bring balance to their health.
The stress of living in today's environmentally complicated world can lead to many pressures upon the body system. The QXCI can help correct underlying causes of allergies, food sensitivities, weight gain, digestive and bowel problems, stress, fatigue, insomnia, depression, arthritis, skin problems, headaches and migraines. The QXCI has an accuracy founded in 20 years of research in the field of biofeedback medicine.
Once calibration is complete the QXCI subjects the client to minute electrical impulses and monitors how the client reacts in terms of a high score. Once calibration is complete the client's main concerns are established and highlighted The practitioner now initiates a more thorough investigation of the client's current state of health. During testing, the device resonates with thousands of tissues, organs, pathogens, nutrients, toxins and allergens for one-hundredth of a second each, and records the degree to which your body reacts. The QXCI scans the client's body like a VirusScan on a computer, looking for everything from viruses, deficiencies, weaknesses, allergies, abnormalities and food sensitivities. The SCIO (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operation, the Latin word a€?I knowa€?) & The QXCI ( Quantum Xrroid Consciousness Interface) utilizes evoked potential biofeedback technology which consists of both hardware and software.
With the possibilities of combining quantum physics, emerging computer technology, nonlinear math and a€?fuzzy logica€™ into a device that encompasses the best of all of them while minimizing human bias and error, synthetic chemicals, and invasive surgeries. The QXCI is a remarkable tool for increasing self awareness and improving ones present state of health. The QXCI is able to detect not only the physical state of a person's health but the underlying emotions and relate these to individual body processes. During analysis, the client is connected to the QXCI computer system via the head, ankle and wrist harnesses. The QXCI scans your body like a VirusScan on a computer, looking for everything from viruses, deficiencies, weaknesses, allergies, abnormalities and food sensitivities. Once the QXCI has measured vitamin levels, amino acids, fatty acids, nutrients, food substances, blood, minerals, enzymes, natural sugars, toxins, hormone levels, chromes, muscle tone, disease, allergies, emotions, bacteria, molds, fungi, worms, viruses and the health and balance of internal organs, it then compares these figures with a norm. Many Devices are only one-way communications and do not alter the course of therapy with client progress.
The QXCI (Known as the SCIO in Europe) is a highly sophisticated program with sensors attached by wires to the ankles, wrists and forehead that measure and feed resonance information between the QXCI and the client. The QXCI basically outlines anything that is affecting the health and wellness of the client. As the QXCI has been devised using the principles of Quantum Physics, that question is easily asked than answered. The QXCI is ideally suited for children, as they are often unable to verbally communicate why they are suffering. Those that are familiar with other similar types of machines will understand the tremendous technological advancement represented by the QXCI.
As explained by Quantum Alliance, “The EPFX is a modern biofeedback training system, arguably one of the most advanced in the world. Quantum Biofeedback or Quantum Xrroid Consciousness Interface (QXCI) uses computerized technology to measure biological stress responses. The SCIO was created to replace the QXCI after users realized that the QXCI did not even register whether or not a patient was connected to it; to give a more realistic energetic measurement, an inexpensive resistance meter was added to make possible a signal indicating that no patient was connected. One of the most successful systems on the market in the field of energetic and informational medicine is the QXCI, which is an acronym for Quantum Xrroid Consciousness Interface (Xrroid is a word invented by the creator of the QXCI, Bill Nelson). The QXCI, just like every other device in the field of computerized radionics, is based on a random event generator that first associates random numbers with a database of testable items and then presents a list of these items ordered according to these numbers. The QXCI made the bold step of taking into the realm of computerized medical diagnostics a process that was previously only applied in oracles and divination systems like the Tarot or I Ching. What is common to all divination systems, be it the Tarot, I Ching, crystal ball gazing or any of their variations, is the fact that a high degree of unpredictability (‘fuzziness’) has to be generated and used as source. With oracles it is different, every card in the Tarot for example comes with a description of its possible significance, just as every combination of coins or sticks falling in the I Ching has an assigned meaning.
In fact, what is known by those people who use, for example, the Pendulum is that you can create any list of answers and that it is only the coincidence of the question and a certain movement of the pendulum that makes the connection between question and answer. One major problem with any oracle or divination system, and here also the QXCI and SCIO make no exception, is that if you let the dice roll twice, have the I Ching sticks fall again, or make another scan with the QXCI, the results will be totally different. The solution we found at Inergetix is that in fact one has to roll the dice, so to speak, not only a few times but thousands of times and to do statistical analysis to find the predominant tendencies, and then in fact the results will be very stable, reproducible and independent of whichever process one would use to create this apparently random process. Of course for this to work one has to take an average group of people, which means one should have no bias whatsoever in the selection process. This means manual testing is not as “random” (which we want to understand as unbiased) as it should be and only very good therapists can come to a degree of detachment and neutrality that allows them to act as almost true “random” event generators and their results are often very unexpected and correct. From the aforementioned, it has become clear that the key to reproducible results in predictive systems is to do a large enough number of samplings and then apply the appropriate statistical analysis. The Inergetix-CoRe System cuts through all of these limiting traditions and superstitions that are attached to all oracles and divination systems, and uses millions of samplings for each analysis to achieve stable results. However this is only part of the secret of the Inergetix-CoRe System, as it is well known that just rolling real dice millions of times will not uncover any significant trends. A quality is always a multidimensional entity and the simplest quality is a ratio (interestingly “ratio” means intelligence in Latin).

For the Inergetix-CoRe System there is no need to deny its roots in the old tradition of oracles and divination and instead invent some pseudo-physics explanations, because it goes beyond them and incorporates a new understanding of the power of synchronicity and harvests reproducible and meaningful results with the incorporation of intelligent statistical analysis. However, Inergetix-CoRe incorporates a knowledge base of thousands of remedies that allows the user to narrow the search to well-known conditions and remedy groups.
This new, advanced technology, based on Quantum Physics and Global Scaling, has unlimited possibilities. Many are experiencing serious health issues unparallel to that our ancestors due to these modern day stressors.
It is an emerging technology that reads the body at biological speeds (the speed of a computer) providing results within minutes as opposed to days and weeks.
The EPFX requires only five comfortable straps that wrap around your wrist, ankles and forehead. It can reveal the specific stressors which could be the underlying issues surrounding your body’s ability to heal. As a Certified Biofeedback Technician, Ronda also supports clients in harmonizing their living and workspace as well as their land. By simply reducing stress it teaches the body how to relax and re-educate tense muscles, lower blood pressure, manage pain, reduce clinical anxiety or depression. We believe the QuantumPulse promotes and supports general well-being by giving the body space to allow healing to take place. After a dozen sessions with the Quantum Pulse, she could stand up and walk again, unassisted; after 24 treatments she started running again! These stresses often result in a lowered immune system, chronic pain, low performance, depression, insomnia and emotional ups and downs.
Through its approach it can tabulate your system's adrenal level, its ability to heal, the flow of energy through your system, levels of water and oxygen in your body, as well as your cellular health. Best of all, it cannot only read these imbalances, but it can help correct them because it works on 20 separate channels simultaneously, talking back and forth with your body, making corrections as it goes. The QXCI scans the body and assists in detailed assessment, helping to correct the body via homeopathic bio-resonance auto frequencies. It is a state of the art evoked potential Biofeedback system for stress detection and stress reduction, designed by Professor Bill Nelson.
This is an automatic process and is done by the computer in order to calibrate the individual and obtain a set of baseline measurements. A unique feature of the QXCI is the ability to automatically "focus in" on the main concerns of the client. It reports on the biological reactivity and resonance in your body and indicates needs, dysfunction and vulnerabilities.
The hardware consists of a digital interface box attached to the computer with electrodes within straps that attach to the extremities of a client. To measure transcutaneous skin resistance, we apply a medically safe, variant micro-current to the body.
The (Quantum Xrroid Consciousness Interface) Is a state of the art evoked potential biofeedback system for stress detection and stress reduction?
In 3 minutes the device runs over 10,000 frequencies of tissues, organs, nutrients, toxins and allergens for one-hundredth of a second each, and records the degree to which your body reacts. It reports on the biologic reactivity and resonance in your body and indicates needs, dysfunction's and vulnerabilities.
Also many devices don't give therapies, just remedies which have to be individually purchased. For example, if someone has digestive trouble, the QXCI may show that they had salmonella as a child, which is still causing them problems. There are so many programs on the QXCI, which after measuring the body's frequencies, also feeds back its own frequencies to readdress or neutralize destructive wave patterns.
For example, many children suffering from behavioral problems have seen considerable improvements, as the QXCI unearthed contributing factors, such as food intolerance.
This offers the practitioner a three dimensional view of the client's current state of health (Body, Mind & Emotion). The body has shown us that the body is indeed electric; therefore electricalreactivity in the body can be measured via responses to impedance, amperage, voltage, capacitance, inductance and frequencies.
This makes the QXCI unique by comparison with standard point and probe devices, which only measure resistance. The subconscious of the client will dictate the next therapy suggested instead of the therapist having to try to figure it out. Although it is no longer produced, the EPFX is referred to by all distributors of the QXCI because the EPFX is the only device in this family that was given FDA approval after it was misrepresented as a biofeedback device. What made QXCI and its successor the SCIO so successful was high-tech new-age verbiage, joined with a clever multi-level marketing scheme.
The highest numbers are considered to be of greatest relevance to the person who is tested. Just as the Tarot and I Ching have proven over the centuries to be valuable tools to access complex information, so has the QXCI been a valuable addition to many practitioners. These are what are called non-linear systems where the number of parameters involved is so large that results are unpredictable. Coincidences are discovered by finding similarities and there are as many possible coincidences as there are qualities of things. Now, one of the main misconceptions with regard to oracles and all forms of divination is the belief that the meaning ascribed to the different possible occurrences of pattern is in any way objective or divinely predetermined, unique and unchangeable. Traditionally people would be warned not to consult the oracle again because this would make it angry, and QXCI warns people not to do a second test within 48 hours because this would create too much turmoil in the energy field of the patient. This is very much comparable with the process of election forecasts wherein one could take any average group of citizens, ask them for whom they will vote, and find that the distribution of parties voted for will be very much like that of the nation as a whole as well as stable and reproducible and, within very small limits, independent of the group of people that were asked. This is also the reason that manual oracles or divination systems like the Pendulum or electro dermal screening systems seem to be more reproducible than computerized oracles like the QXCI, SCIO, Quantec, and all the others because computers are very unbiased, whereas every therapist has his or her pet theories about diseases and remedies so that he will always more or less test the things he is familiar with.
Hardly anyone would assume that they are doing the work of oracles in the very truest sense.
This is where all old style oracle and divination systems including the QXCI were limited because they were under the spell of the priests who forbid asking a second time because they themselves did not understand the deeper principles involved. The reason for that, and also for the fact that it is not possible to predict, for example, lottery numbers in this way, is twofold.
Goethe, who recognized this difference between quantity and quality, said, “Numbers are nothing, the relationship (or the ratio) is everything.” A ratio is a relationship between two numbers and this is also the most basic building block of the informational plane. With the Inergetix-CoRe System you can analyze and balance on the informational level and work with your clients in the same way as you can with the QXCI.
Also Inergetix-CoRe, with more than twenty thousand remedies in its standard database, has more than twice the number of items of the QXCI.

The Inergetix-CoRe System has an amazing capacity to reveal these connections and relationships in a very personal way and point them out in just a few minutes in a way that even the best human minds cannot do. ?? ????? ???????????, ?????? ?? ?????????? ???????????? ?????? ??? ???????? ?? ????? ????? ??????????? ?? ?? ??????? ??? ?????. A quick three-minute test is performed energetically and the results are fed into the computer software. It is then, that Quantum Biofeedback can be applied in order to help you correct and reduce the stressors energetically.
By influencing and modifying future behavior it helps the client unconsciously self-regulate bodily function thus having a preventative value. The car accident gave me multiple scull fractures, a broken clavicle and several other things. At that time she began to understand and develop the ability to clear stuck energies, using this gift to clear the energy-body of people, animals, structures and the land.
It also teaches methods to enliven one’s own intuitive senses, so that, with permission, one can shift others reality to a higher perspective.
We believe that once the body realizes how to reduce stress it opens the healing pathway to increase its own vibrational frequency so healing may occur. It measures thousands of different parameters of your body system including spinal energy flow and toxicity. The information provided is fundamentally different from X-rays, blood tests, etc., as it tells us about the energetic state of your body and the direction in which the body is focusing its energy. The information provided by the QXCI is fundamentally different from X-rays, blood tests, etc., as it tells us about the energetic state of one's body and the direction in which the body is focusing its energy. With a feedback loop, the device measures your resonance pulse and sends back an alternate pulse to which your body responds. In some cases it may add a frequency, in others reverse it to either enhance or counteract the body's own resonance The QXCI does not just reveal negative aspects of the body but the positive aspects in conjunction. The QXCI's unique software program allows the computer to give and receive signals so it can evaluate and alter the therapy as it progresses. Purchasing the QXCI or SCIO yields no benefit from this original FDA approval, despite appearances to the contrary – firstly because the QXCI and SCIO are different devices from the EPFX and secondly because the EPFX itself was not a true biofeedback device because it in fact does not contain electronic circuitry to measure any energetic feedback from the patient. The falling of the sticks or coins in the I Ching is simply as unpredictable as the shape of clouds, the pattern in the coffee oracle, or the movement of animals.
That this is not the case can already be guessed from the fact that there exist thousands of divination systems, which all use different means and ascribe different meanings but have all been used for centuries and have been found valuable. To maintain this degree of neutrality for any amount of time is a very strenuous process and this also contributes to the fact that computerized systems are more and more replacing manual ones. Based on this understanding, one can see it is not enough just to add up numbers and then to take the average. Most importantly, Inergetix-CoRe has an evaluation mode that gives a far superior reproducibility of results, at around 90%, which no other informational device can provide. This provides the Practitioner with information about the state of the energy and stress(es) most prevalent in the body at that time. One issue I had was I could only lift up my left arm part of the way and it really hurt a lot when I did that. Shifting stuck energy patterns by using focused communication with Source through the multi-dimensional chakra system, Ronda helps to bring life back into harmony. Please consult your family medical doctor for the diagnosis or treatment of a medical condition or disease before undertaking any health program.
And it does this -- not through bio-chemistry, the way of traditional medicine - but through bio-physics! The program enhances your general health, increases wellness through awareness, improves performance, increases energy levels, relaxes and decreases stress. The changes in voltage, amperage, and resistance give us reactivity profiles, which determine the Xrroid. The frequencies that the client resonates with are then registered back to the computer in a full color display. However, in attempting to improve and revitalize health, we tend to focus more on the negative aspects, so that they can be readdressed. It maintains each beneficial setting as long as it is helping and changes it as soon as it is no longer useful. In everyday life we are at best recognizing only very exceptional coincidences; however even to those we usually do not ascribe any meaning. Also, the Inergetix-CoRe System has the most advanced customizability and is an open system allowing practitioners the freedom of navigating with their own protocol, products, concepts and ideas. This is quantum mechanics -- once the physics of the body is balanced, the chemistry follows of its own accord. The types of remedies that the client resonates with are significant clues to the health of the individual. For example, from pain to no pain, malignant to benign, compulsive to anxiety-free, imbalance to balance. This system is callibrated to measure the fine and subtle electrical and subspace reactions to a group of biological and medical substances. So we can see how this runs the possibility of producing stress reactions for much longer than intended or needed.
This is because they do not come with a label telling us what they mean, and also we usually do not take the time to see which question we might have right at the moment when they happen.
This explains also why radionics uses so-called “rates” and not numbers, ratios that are relative to a given base.
Once shifted, loving new energies fill the void, allowing service to Spirits higher pathway. After the 3 minute test is over the therapist can then select hundreds of different types of therapies to help unblock the stresses within the clients body.
Unlike the other devices on the market the 'auto focus' function, the QXCI can adjust biofeedback therapies to ensure and constantly adjust the correct settings during therapy. You may be "on" for so long, that you may not be aware of it anymore, as the immune system, digestive system and brain can become more and more stressed from over activation. Other divination systems use higher dimensional qualities like the pattern used in the I Ching or pictures as they are incorporated in the Tarot.
But what’s good for your body in a short-term crisis can be harmful over long periods.

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