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Clubstep is the fourteenth level of Geometry Dash and is the first of the three levels to have a demon difficulty. Clubstep rewards the player a secondary colour for completing it in normal mode unlike all others. Clubstep rewards the player a UFO for completing it with all three coins in normal mode unlike all other levels that reward you for getting all three coins.
Clubstep formally introduces fake spikes, however they were previously encountered in Electroman Adventures to collect a secret coin.
The way it works is simple, you just write your content in markdown and then use a file to define the structure of your book (SUMMARY.md). While this is great for public facing things, you could also leverage this for internal documentation. The most important setting here is the Allowed Callback URLs as it will need to point to where you are hosting the application.
Now that we have authentication covered, we'll need a small application that will host the book and expose it to authenticated users. Deadlocked showcases the rest of the new Update 2.0 features that were not included in Geometrical Dominator.
The level also utilizes a more advanced use of triggers to create "laser-shooting monsters" which are seen in the first normal-sized UFO segment at 64%.
The first secret coin is unique compared to others, as it requires a key before it can be acquired. A similar mechanic is used to get the first secret coin in Airborne Robots and Viking Arena.

The final secret coin appears at 66% during the second UFO sequence when there are monsters shooting lasers at the player.
This level, Viking Arena , and Airborne Robots all have keys needed for collecting a secret coin. Originally, players could time a jump correctly right before the second wave section that would cause them to skip the wave portal and the speed portal, causing them to enter the second wave section as a cube.
It introduces invisible mode blocks and spikes where the objects fade away as the player approaches them. Immediately after switching into mini UFO, the player must quickly get into a hidden passage above the one the player would normally take, then dodge 5 small invisible spikes to get the coin and drop back to the original route. The player must fly down under the first pillar and through another, then back up to get on the main passage. This is where you can define an application for you internal documentation application and link it to different connections (sources of users). This is because the hitbox of the toggle trigger used to activate the coin is larger than the hitbox of the key. This is due to the fact that the alpha trigger was first introduced in Update 2.0, which is also when Deadlocked was released.
However, the monsters in Viking Arena are pursuing the character while the monsters in Deadlocked are in front of the character, and blast lasers from their mouths to destroy the player. The player must tap the middle jump ring to go through a spiked pillar and then hit a yellow and blue ring after passing through the pillar to return to the normal path. This tutorial will show you how to do this with a very simple Express application and Auth0.

Then it goes to cube again, but now with some green rings, rings that shouldn't be touched and pads. Once successfully retrieved, it opens an area later in the level, in a Cube sequence which allows the player to grab the coin at 43%. Instead of flying to the top of the pillar, the player must drop down and jump shortly after to collect the coin. There will be a spinning blade; tap twice quickly, wait for a second and tap again and the coin will be acquired.
Failure to retrieve the key will keep this passage blocked and the player will be forced to take the normal route situated below it. After that, the player will transform into a medium double-speed ship with some moving obstacles.
After that, the player will control a mini UFO, with some moving objects and upside-down portals. The player will read a message by RobTop, saying: "I like this part" and a happy face, but horizontal. After that, the player will start controlling a hard wave, that start dual, then become mini.

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