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This transforming course offers an excellent chance to discover the profound joy and depth of Yoga & Meditation.
The intensity of the Retreat setting provides the opportunity for a direct experience of timeless wisdom, and guides into a truly spiritual, open-hearted life. The systematic program of this immersion Course contains sitting & walking Meditations, Hatha Yoga practice, and a variety of informative lectures about Meditation techniques, awareness practices, philosophical foundation, psychological significance, proper attitudes for the practice of Yoga Asanas, daily life applications, etc. The intensity of this Course creates an experience resembling a solitary retreat, providing the participants with an opportunity for deep interiorization & profound states of consciousness. The spiritual development is supported by Noble Silence (Mauna), and an atmosphere of respect, love & aspiration.
Our retreat is located in a beautiful location up on a mountainside just north of the main town of Thong Sala with stunning views across the western central coastline where you can have true relaxation away from the tourists. If you chose our full package options, our accommodation is very comfortable with hill side fan bungalows and a budget 5 bed dormitory option. You will see the true natural beauty of Koh Phangan and rejunivate yourself in this idyllic tropical location. For those booking rooms Daily Activities (if scheduled) such as Group Sessions of Yoga Nidra, Chakra Balancing, Kundalini Dance Meditation, Spiritual Talks, DVD's or Audios. For those with rooms Evening Program such as Talks, DVD's or Audio's on a variety of topics such as Detoxification, Health and Wellness, Goal Setting plus much more! There are so many yoga retreats in Thailand, that it can be difficult to decide which is best suited to you. Yoga retreats in Thailand may all take place in tropical locations but we felt that Kamalaya held a special energy. Yoga holidays are a way to escape the high paced speed and stress of everyday life and allow you to reconnect with yourself through the body and soul. We also loved the varying levels of luxury suites and villas, dotted down the hillside toward the sea.
We know Thailand really well and usually Koh Samui wouldn't be our first destination on the 'must visit' map but you know what, Kamalaya is a total holistic jewel on this island. You have the choice of joining a yoga synergy package, a specific yoga retreat or simply joining the daily schedule of programs at Kamalaya. Kamalaya yoga holidays are for those who want to explore both their spiritual side combined with nutritional health and holistic wellness.
We are located on a lovely patch of sand just 20 meters off the pristine waters of the Gulf of Thailand on the magical island of Koh Phangan, Thailand. We are committed to offering quality asana classes in different styles of yoga, in addition to longer-term yoga programs for beginners as well as advanced practitioners looking to deepen their knowledge and practice. Any experience in gardening, carpentry, art, online marketing, content-writing and social media management will be very much appreciated. All volunteers will share a healthy vegan lunch and join a fun community of teachers, co-volunteers and guests on this beautiful and magical island.
From handling our social media, taking awesome… read more photographs for us, and sharing her love for life with us, our project and our lives were made immeasurably richer thanks to her.
Right from the time we started communicating with Jimmy on messages, we suspected he would be a great person to have with us. In 18 months of travel I only have two places I fully intend to revisit; one of them being the paradise that is Koh Pha-ngan. When I arrived to the family I had plans to spend 4 maybe 5 weeks on island; but 8 weeks later (the longest I have ever spent in one spot) I realized I had one day left on my visa and found it was time to move on.
The combination of the incredibly passionate teachers, re-birthing practices, pyramid chakra balancing, reiki healing's, among many other spiritual workshops, plus the energy of this beautiful place has the making of your own storybook yoga practice.

I was recently in Cambodia studying the Khmer language, teaching English, working with NGOs, and traveling around the beautiful country.
This is a reflection from my time in Koh Ker Village Cambodia. Koh Ker Village is located deep in the Cambodian Northwest Countryside near the Thai and Laotian borders. I enjoyed hearing a story Lori shared about a Canadian man who initially came to Cambodia to become a monk but instead ended up teaching at Srayang after talking with Lori.
He accepted her advice, deciding that helping PLF and Srayang School would be a wiser and more compassionate decision because they were in need of an English teacher when Srayang first opened.
My hope is that they will be able to find a teacher that can stay there 5 to 7 days a week to teach the students English. About Latest Posts DannersI enjoy sharing insights on yoga, art, health, alternative DIY beauty solutions, gardening, and fun vegan recipes. Great post Love the shot of you on your bicycles in the distance as you passed by the cattle herd. Also, PLF seems to be making a huge positive impact in the region, awesome that you got to be a part of that! It has amazing views of islands in the distance across the ocean, amazing sunsets and just a ten minute minute walk from the beach and the main town.
For us, Kamalaya qualifies as a true Soul Sanctuary in their dedication to individual wellness through both Western scientific and Eastern traditions.
It's perched on a hillside, amongst the tropical palms and overlooking the ocean on the islands Southern coast which is by far less touristy.
The yoga classes are for all levels and you can also book personal yoga instruction (they have a lovely private studio for that!).
If you're a beginner you're off to a great start combining asanas with meditation and holistic wellness or if you're a seasoned yogi, you'll enjoy Kamalaya's visiting practitioners in spirituality and holistic wellness. Please contact us in June if you're interested in working with us then in August or later in the year.
We offer daily drop-in yoga classes, still and active meditations (breathwork, chakra, chanting, dance, ++), a range of activities spanning qi gong, capoeira, ecstatic dance as well as a variety of workshops! The working hours will be 18 hours per week in exchange for unlimited free yoga and meditation classes.
You will undergo a process of coming to know yourself and your body while allowing yourself to let go of old beliefs and patterns as you embrace new ones. Over the time that she was here with us, she very quickly grew into being a super helpful, important, resourceful and dependable part of our team.
He is good with all the volunteering tasks that we asked him to take on, friendly and flexible with moving shifts or taking on additional duties. She prepared some delicious meals for us, and was very good with other volunteering tasks that we asked her to help with. People call it the sticky island because travelers become vacationers spending 2-3 months year after year on this island paradise. These two have done a beautiful job of carving out their own yoga oasis right off the beach nestled in-between the coconut trees of the island. He then moved to Koh Ker and hit the ground running with the students who did not know a word of English.
Set on the quieter side of Koh Samui,  Kamalaya was envisaged by Karina and John as luxury holistic wellness centre in which guests to really begin to feel life’s potential.
Meditation, yoga, ayurveda and nutritional wellness all form part of the offering at Kamalaya. Traditional Chinese therapies , Ayurveda and Spiritual practitioners are all available to assist in self healing and transformation.

Owners John and Karina Stewart both have rich histories of experience in Asian philosophy, Traditional Chinese medicine and Holistic healing therapies.
The meals are nutritious and filling so don't worry about feeling hungry and enjoy your new found energy levels! She's friendly, polite, and a good conversationalist to boot - she got along well with everyone here. They are the first students in the village since 1979 to complete schooling beyond 3rd grade.
It was interesting to hear the history of how not only Srayang School evolved, but Srayang’s budding guesthouse as well. I'm also an avid potter & photographer and I love to share my art with you on Lucid Practice!
There’s enough negativity, humor, sarcasm on the Internet, nightly news & television sitcoms. They also take a refershingly humanistic approach to wellness so you won’t be expected to stick to a rigid regime if you or your wellness guide feel like another approach is in order.
Their vision combines Western scientific knowledge with ancient Eastern practices which work to promote healthy long term lives for those who visit. The restaurant has a lovely peaceful ambience too so eating at a leisurely pace post yoga is an absolute pleasure!
The island hosts many stunning beaches, amazing jungles, waterfalls, trekking paths and long winding hilly roads to motorbike on. He's super-friendly, excited, open to taking on just about any task, and pretty good at them all too. It was obvious they were much less educated than the students in Siem Reap, but they they still knew quite a bit. They didn’t understand what continents were, but I did my best to explain, and I think they (eventually) caught on .
It is so great that PLF is not only improving the lives of the students at school, but also the surrounding communities. There is a small, but thriving community of yoga and spirituality in our little village of Sri Thanu. We tried to get him to stay with us longer,… read more and we think we may not have been the only hosts to try that, but Jimmy the RedWanderer has principles you see, and that means he's on the road again.
Lori (President of PLF) provided the family who runs the guesthouse with key information to help them run a more successful guesthouse for visitors (cooking meals to pay for electricity at night and tips on cleanliness).
Every day, Lucid Practice community members can expect uplifting, inspirational stories, articles, and artwork created by our writers and amazing writers and bloggers across the world.
As a result, there is a collection of different yoga workshops, events and classes for you to explore. I can’t imagine what it must have been like for Lori when she first visited all these places for the first time . Our community revolves around you, your willingness to comment, share, teach, and engage the Lucid Practice community.

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