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This program includes a DVD and insider access to materials and videos that you can access anytime, anywhere! Pregnancy is such a unique and wonderful time of life, and the yoga classes and training videos in this program will help you enjoy the changes in your body and prepare physically, emotionally, and spiritually for your new life ahead. While many women today feel the need to push their bodies and their lifestyles to the max during pregnancy, Mel's approach is the opposite. The yoga program provided on the DVD shares the secrets that will help you avoid widely-spread yoga mistakes. She teaches yoga as a tool for pulling back from the striving in your personal and physical fitness life, and instead taking time to reconnect with your source energy and that of your baby. The Practices: Introduction, Birthing Breath, Pelvic Exercises, 1st Trimester, 2nd Trimester, 3rd Trimester.
Through safe and gentle sequences, you're led step-by-step through beginner-friendly classes.

But the most important thing is that doing these routines on a regular basis you will be able to improve your health significantly.Workouts will help you find the balance between body and mind. By following the program you will be able to do exercises for 20 minutes per day only to gain the healthy benefits of yoga.
Mel Campbell is an internationally-renowned yoga teacher who was instrumental in pioneering prenatal yoga to expectant mothers in Thailand during her residency there. Reading the reviews of different yoga DVDs you will manage to see what people say about the online video classes. If you are not satisfied with your body, then the exercises provided in this yoga DVD set will be extremely helpful for you. The DVD includes lots of sound technique developed over 30 years of Barbara’s work as a yoga teacher.
The disc provides beginners with an opportunity to master the special poses, which are designed to lead the viewer slowly and easily into the fascinating world of yoga.

This DVD is exactly what a beginner needs.  Enjoy doing yoga with a well-known instructor, Barbara Benagh! This yoga DVD for beginners consists of 40-minute pose training session, the 20-minute morning workout and 15-minute evening workout with restores, relaxes and soothes. In addition, when doing yoga exercises people can enjoy beautiful sights of Molokai, Hawaii.

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