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Childrens Yoga My First BuddhaHandmade by Buddhists Buy Today   Sam, I would and have recommended your classes to all my mummy friends Corban loves baby yoga, hence why we are starting our 4th set of classes.
Whether it is running late to class, feeling stressed about what you have to do when you get home or wearing that sports bra that you knew would irritate you in class, there are many things we do that can affect our enjoyment on the mat.
That last minute rush to get to yoga on time can leave you feeling stressed and in frenzy, and as a result, can affect your balance, mindset and mood when you hit the mat.
Similar to writing down your troubles and to-dos before you sleep at night to improve sleeping, writing down what you need to do before class may help to relax your mind during class. When you don’t feel good in what you are wearing, or something is too tight or itchy, your focus tends to be drawn toward that irritation rather than enjoying the moment of going through your flow to the sounds of Biggie and Snoop. Harking back to point one, having your yoga gear set out the night before a morning class or at the ready for a quick change after work helps you to relax. While we are not going to be too strict on this one, yoga is ideally practiced on an empty stomach and it is recommend that you do not eat anything for two to four hours prior. Emma and Happy Baby Corban (started classes at 11 weeks) Hiya sam, Just a quick line to say how fabulous your classes are. Here, we guide you through some of the best ways to make your practice even more enjoyable.

I often find that when I have been in a rush to get to class, I feel more out of balance and less relaxed during. Thinking about the washing you have to do or the assignment you have to finish when you get home from yoga can often creep into your mind during class, which is stopping you from completely relaxing and enjoying your practice. Wear what you feel confident and relaxed in and it will significantly improve your practice. You know the mad frenzy you get yourself into when you can’t find your water bottle or favourite leggings? No matter how much experience one has in practicing yoga, we all fall out of poses from time to time. A full stomach can leave you feeling uncomfortable through class, making the practice less enjoyable. There are days where we will wobble all over the place and there are days where we feel less flexible than others – and that’s okay.
My only new year wish is that Panda And Polar Bear will keep spreading unconditional love for 2013, and wish all your dreams come true!! Not only has she made new little friends, I have too which I hope to stay in touch with as our little yogis grow up.

Jodie and Happy Baby Lexi (started at 7 months) We started Happy Baby Yoga classes very early and the classes definitely lived up to their name! Yoga is meant to be fun, and there is no point getting cross at yourself for falling out of dancers pose before the person next to you. Not only did my baby enjoy the interaction at class but it helped us to relieve a bad case of colic and also stimulated her development in areas such as crawling. Thanks Sam Katy and Happy Baby Matilda (started at 10 weeks) Thank you for today's Yoga Tot class Sam, Isabella had a great time! Lyndsey and Happy Tot Isabella (started at 2 years) Your classes gave myself and Isabelle a great time to bond and interact. Isabelle loved your classes and enjoyed carrying out the yoga moves at home x with a relaxed atmosphere and instructor the classes were well laid out, well timed with new moves added in and classes adapted well to each babies needs.

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