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Deep Relaxation Part 3 3D-RELAX3D-RELAX version deep relaxation and peace with this soothing track. Singing Bowls Low Tone 20 MinutesHealing soothing sounds of singing bowls low tone 20 Minutes. To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin. Our Meditation Music album was created to help you find the ultimate relaxation experience and unwind reducing your stress levels. The yoga mantras, practiced during a yoga meditation session have their origins in Buddhist mantras. Yoga practitioners receive loads of spiritual benefits from this such as improved concentration, clarity of mind, psychic control, control over one’s mind and thought, regulated breath and so.
Those who regularly practice mantra yoga are able to find absolute peace of mind amidst the colloquial world where every single soul is troubled. According to some people, it represents the union between one’s body and mind while others believe that it is a union between an individual’s consciousness and universal consciousness.

The Buddhists believe that one should unite with the enlightened being that lives within that person. It has been scientifically proven, that through meditation, individuals can help their body replenish and achieve inner peace, thus increasing the body’s natural ability to heal itself. From the Vedic period, yoga has been in use for healing and relaxing body, mind and spirit. There are different yoga mantras for different meditation practices that lead an individual towards ultimate salvation. The buddhist mantras are chanted out loud or silently to summon the errand of Cherenzig, the embodiment of compassion as per Buddhist religion. For example, the Kundalini yoga mantras help to upsurge consciousness by their meaning and rhythmic repetition.
O Mani Padme Om is considered as a powerful Buddhist mantra that covers all Lord Buddha’s lessons. As a matter fact, an honest practice of mantra yoga may help a person reach the Samadhi state which refers to a complete meditative absorption.

The practice of yoga meditation requires you to chant mantras for creating higher energy level.
In this state, a person achieves total concentration and rises above the constraint of the conscious state. It is believed that a devotee in his or her Samadhi finds the vision of ultimate truth or enlightenment. In yoga meditation, chanting of mantra leads the individual towards attaining Pratyahara which is a state in Ashtanga yoga wherein the devotee learns to sacrifice all worldly attractions and be devoid of material thinking. Indeed, there are different approaches of chanting yoga mantras namely Baikhari, Upanshu and Manasik.

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