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This produces? a natural state of inner healing in both mind and body from the powerful effect that sound can have on our brain activity.
I do not ever sleep with music on, but for this awesome music right here, I put on my earphones and drift away into pleasant dreams.
Exotic sonic textures and chilled rhythms create a beatific Eastern backdrop for your power yoga session—or the festivities that follow. Reset & Rejuvenate FlowClaire Petretti MartiIf you are feeling stuck or weighed down physically, emotionally or mentally, this will act as a reset button and leave you feeling lighter, stronger and more joyful. Crafted to flow with an upbeat mood, Yoga Mela lends a sensual vibe to any casual setting.This collection matches some of the most popular names in the “yoga beat” genre--including Prem Joshua, Ikarus and Karmix—with rising stars such as Suvarna, Toires and Aziza A.

Her first children's album, "A Mother's Voice" is full of sensitive, fun, and educational songs in folk style. Master mixologist dj Cheb i Sabbah lends his magic hand to previously unreleased remixes by Deva Premal and Manish Vyas.
Together, these groove savvy artists dish up an Oriental concoction of the freshest flavor. Evoking the worshipful, celebratory aura of Asian melas--or festivals--Yoga Mela invites you to immerse yourself in a relaxed aural experience that will move you at any volume. The texts are geared towards children, but the music was written with both parents and kids in mind.

Diane has recently teamed up with Dani Shear to form Momz the Word -- a duo performing original and other favorite music for children. They are currently performing at performance centers, preschools and birthday parties in the Los Angeles area.Diane currently conducts the choir at Beth Shir Sholom and sings with the Los Angeles Choral Artists.

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