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Any third party products, brands or trademarks listed above are the sole property of their respective owner.No affiliation or endorsement is intended or implied. Yoga nidra is a practice of meditation in yoga, which brings the deepest possible calm and awareness.
Yoga nidra hypnotica is an inexplicable state in which the practitioner goes into a trance.
The material on this web site is provided for educational purposes only, and is not to be used for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Watch Yoga Nidra For Sleep Powerful Guided Meditation To Fall Full length online free streaming here.Enjoy this full length yoga nidra for sleep guided meditation to fall asleep fast.

Watch Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation Full length online free streaming here.Yoga Nidra is a powerful practice that brings us to a deep state of relaxation and rest.
Watch Yoga Nidra For Manifesting Your Intentions Guided Meditation With Full length online free streaming here. Watch Yoga Nidra For Recovery Addiction And Healing Guided Meditation Full length online free streaming here.Yoga Nidra or "Yogic Sleep" is a powerful guided meditation that takes you beyond the mind into the healing flow of prana.
Guided meditation opens the door to calm the mind and nurture the spirit and does not take any work or effort on the part of the practitioner since you are passively being guided by an outside source. Fill in your information below for immediate access to "The Yoga 3 Step Blueprint" eBook that will give you the best yoga basics to jump-start your practice, along with periodic free resources and empowering information.

Yoga nidra meditation is the deepest of all meditations and is a state of extreme stillness of the mind.
Make sure that pets will be taken care of, and won't cause a disturbance while you meditate. Group meditation radiates a powerful source of energy and healing, and is a very effective way to bring about profound changes in whatever needs to be changed or healed on a personal or universal level.

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