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Massage is often used as an effective pain management tool as well as a treatment to improve the functioning of the lymphatic, muscular and nervous systems.
Massage Therapy has been in my life since I received my first massage at 16 due to a car accident. I also take great care in picking up on the energy that each person both posesses and lacks. Send us a message.Stay ConnectedClick on the social media icons below and stay connected with us across the web and throughout your day.
Enter your email address to receive monthly updates about our latest news, events and free resources! How many people do not “believe” in naturopathy, nature healing, or natural medicine? Summary: Stress doesn’t cause allergies, but easing your mind might mean less allergy flare-ups this spring.
I will include clickable links to more information, and I will include a link to where you can find them to add to your natural medicine cabinet! Stinging nettle leaf: Stinging nettles are the one seasonal allergy destroyer that seems to work for almost everyone. Using Nasya Oil or a Neti Pot: These practices help to clean out the nasal passages, and remove bacteria, mucus, and more that prevents the nose from functioning optimally. Yoga Breathing Exercises: Practicing alternate nostril breathing has been found to be very effective in reducing allergic reactions. Summary: Practising sport for more than an hour day reduces the risk of contracting breast cancer, and this applies to women of any age and any weight, and also unaffected by geographical location. It is believed that this tree has originated from Austria and Russia and then spread to different parts of the world.
Pine trees grow in the wild cold and taiga forest regions of the northern hemisphere, particularly of Siberia and Canada. Pine needle tea is high in fat-soluble vitamin A, an antioxidant beta-carotene, which is needed for healthy vision (especially in low light situations), skin and hair regeneration, and red blood cell production! Pine nuts are an excellent source of B-complex group of vitamins such as thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine) and folates. Pines are free from gluten and therefore, are a popular ingredient in the preparation of gluten-free food formulas.
The healthy fats contained in pine nuts work to balance the lipids inside the blood and in cell formation. Pine bark contains complex bioflavonoids known as proanthocyanidins – condensed tannins that are responsible for the astringent character of fruits, berries, beans, and tea. Pine needle tea has strong antimutagenic, antioxidant and antiproliferative properties, which help in preventing cancer producing cells. Pine Tree Needle Extraction is a traditional remedy that may be used in the treatment of about 80% of human diseases. For those who don’t need or want a strong dose of caffeine to help them wake up, silver needle white tea may be the right alternative.
Drinking white tea, including the rare silver needle variety, may well help you trim the fat. The tea has many benefits; cleans the veins, increases the strength and vitality and helps in reversing or slowing the aging process. It also has a healing effect on the endocrine system, and aids the body in cleansing impurities from the skin. Pine needles contain a high level of Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) which is a natural form of sulfur. Women who are going through menopause and have consumed this tea have exhibited less fatigue and tiredness. Pine oil, added to the household cleaner, will disinfect surfaces and help to purify the air. It is also beneficial to fight ailments like fatigue, allergies, depression, kidney stone, varicose veins, ulcers and headaches. Despite its long history of use, there is no conclusive clinical evidence to support the health benefits of pine needle tea.
Caution: Women who are pregnant, or who could become pregnant, are advised NOT to drink pine needle tea in general for fear it could cause abortion. Most conifers are safe to experiment with tea preparations, but there are three you must avoid!
Pine oil, obtained by extracting essential oils from the needles of pine trees, is a strong medicinal aid.
Because of its potent analgesic properties, pine oil acts as an anti-inflammatory for people with joint pain, arthritis and rheumatism.
Essential pine oil may also help relieve congestion and acts as an expectorant, aiding the body to break up mucus and remove it from the lungs.
Pine oil may be useful with a variety of skin conditions due to its strong antiseptic capacities. The most important health benefit of pine essential oil is in treating various skin problems. Through neutralizing free-radicals, pine oil helps us slow the process of cellular deterioration, thus slowing the process of aging. Pine essential oil is effective in reducing the inflammation of gall bladder and incidence of gallstones. Pine essential oil also has a mesmerizing essence and hence gives a sweet aroma to the cosmetics it is used in. It is a great cleaning agent, and can be added to sprays and room-fresheners for a cleansing and brightening effect. Pine essential oil is antiseptic and hence it is used in treating boils, cuts, sports injuries, and athletes foot. Please keep in mind, this is most likely due to the amount of chemicals, artificial ingredients, and junk foods that are used.
Summary: People exposed to take-out food restaurants around their home, at work and on their way to work are more likely to consume more of these foods, as well as being more likely to be obese, suggest a new paper.

Summary: Oral glucosamine supplementation is not associated with a lessening of knee cartilage deterioration among individuals with chronic knee pain, a short-term study found. As a former paleolithic dieter, I have been egoistically sticking to meat and meat products for awhile; even arguing against veganism even though I had not tried it myself. Summary: A high-protein diet during middle age makes you nearly twice as likely to die and four times more likely to die of cancer, but moderate protein intake is good for you after 65. Why Hot YogaHot Yoga has been around for a long time, and with its popularity now, it is here to stay! New StudentsMaui Hot Yoga has been open since 2009 and has taught thousands of students, teachers, and people just like you. A deep tissue massage can alleviate aches and pains and reduce stress in the mind and body too, as well as break down toxins.
All parts working independently and together, cohesively and in homeostasis…in balance. My work in shifting that energy around Reiki is fairly new and I’m still learning, continually learning the facets of energy work. According to a study, allergy sufferers with persistent stress experience more allergy flares.
They are straight erect trees with a large stem, and reach up to 75 feet in height with pyramidal or umbrella like dense foliage spread.
The Vitamin C is readily available to the body when made into a tea, especially when pine bark is included.
The vitamin A explains a few more of the nutrition and health claims, but certainly not all of them.
These vitamins work as co-factors for enzymes in cellular substrate metabolism inside the human body.
Such formula preparations are, in fact, healthy alternatives in people with wheat food allergy and celiac disease. A simple handful serving of pine nuts contains well over 100% of the recommended daily intake of the mineral. The bioflavonoids in pine are effective antioxidants, benefiting capillary health and the cardiovascular system.
Drinking a cup of pine needle tea may help the body expel phlegm causing the congestion of colds or coughs. Scurvy often presents itself initially as symptoms of malaise and lethargy, followed by formation of spots on the skin, spongy gums, and bleeding from the mucous membranes.
The remedy is effective for working with the smooth muscles that line the blood vessels and other muscular related diseases such as sclerosis, a condition in which soft tissues inside the body become unusually hard. A batch of pine needle tea yields shikimic acid which is the basis for “Tamiflu,” one of the drugs recommended to fight the flu. This purest form of the tea family has less caffeine than its green, black and oolong family members. A German study published in the May 2009 issue of the “Nutrition and Metabolism” medical journal found that white tea effectively assists the body to better metabolize lipids, or fats.
Pine hydrosol is an immune-stimulant and body tonic, enhancing overall mental and physical balance. Do not use it to replace conventional treatments, and talk to the doctor before using any alternative medicines. They may be used by the pharmaceutical industry to create safe levels of extracts for drug manufacturing, but individual brewing could be hazardous.
As a powerful antibacterial agent and antiseptic, it can help the body fight off infections.
Dermatologists often prescribe the oil in treating psoriasis, itching, pimples, eczema, skin diseases, poor skin, scabies, sores, and fleas. Anti-oxidants aid in protecting us from, eye-diseases, muscle degeneration, as well as many nervous-system disorders.
Following a balanced diet, and plenty of foods high in vitamin c is also a great way to prevent colds. Pine oil disinfectants have been shown to be effective in killing off many household germs, including mildew, yeast spores and E. During the past decade in the UK, consumption of food away from home has risen by 29% while the number of takeaways has increased dramatically.
It’s detrimental to your health, even if you have a healthy body mass index (BMI), a new international collaborative study has found. We invite you to paradise where we offer daily yoga classes, yoga retreats, yoga vacations and life transforming yoga teacher trainings.
Click here to learn more about Maui Hot Yoga, its staff, and the assortment of classes we offer. Improved circulation means these toxins can be more easily removed from the body, while allowing nutrients to reach the cells. Because of what massage has done for me, I wanted to give this gift to others: a life where movement is possible without pain!
I have molded my practice around this thinking, taking from my continual education many different ways of facilitating this process. Nonetheless, it’s a very important piece that I integrate into my work with each session. People who had most of their daily exposure to bright light in the morning had a significantly lower body mass index (BMI) than those who had most of their light exposure later in the day, reports a new study.
When European settlers came to the continent and were suffering from scurvy due to lack of vitamin C, the Native Americans introduced them to pine needle tea.
In turn, both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats help reduce the risk of heart disease by maintaining healthy blood pressure and fat count. Manganese also works with the development of connective tissues, bones, insulin regulation and maintaining healthy cholesterol. Iron deficiencies occur so often that pine nuts can produce a positive impact on such an epidemic.
They are energetic free radical scavengers that help protect the body from oxidative damage.

Pine needles are strongly aromatic and even just inhaling the vapors from the tea may break up mucus in the lungs. Spots are most abundant on the thighs and legs, and a person with the ailment looks pale, feels depressed, and is partially immobilized.
The reason pine needles are anti viral is because they contain high amounts of shikimic acid, from which Tamiflu is derived. The silver needle tea, sometimes called silver tip white tea, aids the digestive processes.
One cup of silver needle white tea contains 1 percent of the caffeine contained in a cup of coffee. There are only a few varieties of pine that are toxic and they are: Norfolk Island Pine, Yew and Ponderosa Pine. It also holds anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, insecticidal, analgesic, diuretic, aromatic and anti-inflammatory properties.
As an aromatherapy tool, it may be used to help prevent lower respiratory infections like bronchitis. Applied topically, it can also be used for a remedy of the scalp, especially in cases of dryness and dandruff. It is also used as a medicine for removing adrenal fatigue and refreshes the spirits as it is an excellent mood elevator. The numerous health benefits of pine essential oil have made it one of the most important essential oils used in aromatherapy. This essential oil may aid in the prevention of common bacterial infections, including urinary tract infections and skin infections. Internal consumption may be hazardous to human health and can be dangerous as there is a possibility of kidney damage. This, the researchers say, could be contributing to rising levels of overweight and obesity.
Their offices were refitted to have a computer, phone, and writing space on a desk in front of a treadmill to be operated by the employee at up to two mph. My journey began 10 years ago and I continually grow as a massage therapist, adding new ways to help my clients reach their goals.
I carry that through with my treatments in injury rehabilitation, sports recovery and maintenance, structural bodywork, relaxation treatments, deep tissue treatments as well as caring for a Mom-to-be with pregnancy massage and wellness. The amount of vitamin C is reported to be five times the amount found in a lemon, which is 83.2 mg. One must consume Vitamin E through food sources or supplements, since the vitamin does not naturally occur in the human body, making pine nuts an essential nutrient source of it.
One ounce of pine nuts contains nearly 9500 mg of the Omega 6 fatty acids while also containing about 30 mg of Omega 3 fatty acids. However, there is no conclusive clinical evidence to support using pine needle tea as a cold remedy. As scurvy advances, there can be open, suppurating wounds, loss of teeth, jaundice, fever and death. Consult the medical or health practitioner before drinking white tea for digestive disturbances.
However, there is no conclusive clinical evidence to support using pine needle tea in the bath to treat these conditions. Research collections from the University of Maryland Medical Center have demonstrated that its use for respiratory tract infections is solid and effective. Pine essential oil blends well with many other oils including cedarwood, rosemary, lavender, sage, laudanum, juniper, etc., and hence can be widely used in making numerous aromatherapy preparations.
I’m passionate about helping people live pain free, find ways to relax, give time needed to themselves and have an overall healthy life.
The tea extracted from pine needles helped keep the early settlers alive through their first winter in America, and is regularly used by natives, hunters, and explorers in nearly every region around the globe. At maturity, the female cones may reach from as small as 3 cm, to a very large cone reaching about 35 cm. Vitamin K, also provided in abundance through pine nuts, helps to stop excessive bleeding wounds. This high amount of healthy fats nearly cancels out the mere 1 to 2 grams of saturated fat found in each serving of pine nuts. Copper has also shown direct connections with increasing immunity, reducing cholesterol, delaying the aging process in cells, stimulating brain nerves, building healthy connective and skeletal muscle tissue, and even preventing some types of arthritis. Adding white tea to a diet that includes a wide variety of antioxidant-rich foods may assist in the prevention, occurrence or recurrence of some cancers.
Research also shows that use of pine oil may fight off sinus infections and colds when used as a steam inhalation.
It removes anxiety and nervous tension, and is useful for people suffering from loss of concentration and loss of memory. Scales at the base and tip of the cone tend to be small and sterile, and therefore, bear no seeds. Pine nuts also contain moderate levels of magnesium, which works along side of calcium to form healthy bones and teeth.
The Vitamin K found in small servings of pine nuts also helps maintain healthy arteries, preventing many types of heart related issues.
Several individuals who have an increased chance of facing osteoporosis benefit from consuming foods high in magnesium, such as these healthy nuts. White tea is thought to contain more antioxidants than other teas due to the lack of processing of this tea type. You may let the tea steep overnight; it will be a deep reddish color and taste stronger if you do.

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