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Subscribe to O, The Oprah Magazine for up to 72% OFF what others pay on the newsstand — that's like getting 19 FREE issues! Our search engine is sad too when it tries to fetch images that have been recently removed. In Lisa Flynn's yoga class, downward dog is called "puppy friends," the yoga mat becomes a surfboard for the pose formerly known as Warrior III and students spin their own webs in "spider." Welcome to yoga for children. The practice is designed to let kids play and use their imaginations, but just like grown-up yoga, it is a way for them to reduce stress, get a mood boost, increase focus and confidence and get in shape.
Starting a yoga practice early in life is a way to facilitate learning through play, according to Flynn, who founded the ChildLight Yoga Studio in Dover, New Hampshire, and is the author of Yoga For Children. We invited two special guests to the HuffPost offices to try out the poses: Executive lifestyle editor Lori Leibovich's daughter Clara (6) and HuffPost Parents managing editor Farah Miller's daughter Zadie (3). This pose isn't just fun -- it's also beneficial, since the resting posture stretches the hamstrings while also massaging the back and internal organs. This pose is a favorite for boys and can be particularly beneficial for them, as it stretches the hamstrings and hips where boys tend to be more tight. Flynn advises adding a "Ready, set, go!" variation, in which the child lowers the back knee, brings it back up, and switches legs quickly on the "go!" Try repeating five times to engage children and increase the heart rate for more of an aerobic exercise.
Either two children or a parent and child can practice the seesaw together to enjoy a nice lower back, arm, shoulder and hamstring stretch. In this Warrior III variation, kids can use their yoga mat as a surfboard, starting out by "swimming" on the mat on their bellies and then pushing the body up, stretching one leg straight behind them and bringing both arms forward. In addition to stretching and strengthening the spine, shoulders and arms, Upward-Facing Dog can open the chest and improve posture, according to Flynn. This variation of the seated forward bend is great for anxious or restless kids, as it helps to calm the nervous system and improve concentration.
Even very young children (from around 2 years old) can benefit from this basic breathing exercise. Flynn says, "The thing I like about candle breath is that it's so simple -- everyone knows how to blow out the candle. If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my ebook - The Beginner's Guide to Fitness in a Busy Life (worth $147) here. The various variations of Corpse pose form the foundation of the relaxing style of yoga, known as the Restorative Yoga. The pose is tremendously helpful in relieving depression and stress of all kinds and calming the nervous system. Savasana holds profound ability in regulating blood pressure, heart and respiration rate while boosting energy levels, memory, cognition and focus. In this manner move towards your torso and one by one give in to the weight of the body part and relax. Perfecting Savasana will take you a long way, and instead of getting frustrated from few failed attempts, continue practicing.

Iyengar Variation: (Savasana with pillows and bolsters) If you find it difficult to rest in the supine pose, make use of pillows and bolsters to find your most comfortable position, even if it is lying sideways. If you find your head tilting to one side, find soft towels to support your head on both sides and keep it in position. If the feet turn outwards or you feel more comfortable with legs being a few inches apart, it is not an issue. The pose can be performed by anyone, but those with back and neck injuries should make use of pillows or bolsters to find their perfect (most comfortable) position. Pregnant women should use a soft pillow below neck, lower back and ankles to avoid shift of weight on the back and thighs. Mansi GoelThis post was composed by someone who is a Yoga practitioner and an Editor at WorkoutTrends. All plans come as a Standard license, and can be upgraded to an Enhanced license at any time. Flynn changes the names of the poses to make them more game-like, and to keep young yogis engaged and having fun.
Have your child lie down on his or her back, bend the legs into the chest so that the knees come in towards the armpits, and grab the feet from the outside -- then relax in the pose for several breaths in and out. The pose is a variation of High Lunge, and begins with knees bent and both hands on the floor. To get into the pose, the two participants sit across from each other with legs stretched in front of them in a V shape and a tall back.
They should return to Mountain Pose (standing up straight and tall) and shake out their legs before repeating on the other side.
Start by lying down on the belly, with the hands by the chest, elbows tucked in, and fingers spread wide. Kids make a "candle" by holding up two fingers, with the rest of the fingers interlaced, then breathe in deeply, and imagine slowly blowing out the candle with a long exhale.
Kids should stand facing each other, and then gently place their hands on one another's shoulders. It is performed after every exerting pose or at the end of yoga session to give the body optimum time to relax both physically and mentally. And hence, even though it involves lying in a supine neutral position, it often comes across as one of the most challenging of all yoga poses. It is like a reboot mechanism wherein you don’t need to sleep or spare time for a nap.
Most students skip this last session of yoga class, ought to know that this pose is THE tool to garner full benefits of any yoga class. Once you learn it, you’ll be able to relax much faster and much better and almost anytime, anywhere. Also it is very important to lie down straight, so one should always ask a friend to look over you and ensure a perfect supine posture.

She is a Bio-medical Engineer turned writer, picky eater, and an obsessive-compulsive closet reader, often found musing over her cat, Pepper, at work.
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Our Standard license allows you to use images for anything, except large print runs over 500,000+ or for merchandising. Once you have downloaded your image, you have life-long rights to use it under the terms of the license purchased. The Watch OWN app is free and available to you as part of your OWN subscription through a participating TV provider. Kids should take a big step back with the left leg, keeping the hands placed on either side of the right leg, which is bent so that the knee is directly above the ankle. The smaller member of the pair puts his or her legs on the inside of the longer-legged person's legs. Press down into the hands and use arm and shoulder strength to lift the upper body off the floor. On the inhale, reach the arms up to the sky and then bend forward from the hips as you exhale. Then step back and bend forward at the hips, bringing the head down to rest between the arms. Less than 10 minutes is just a waste of time and energy, because that’s time which is required for the relaxation to reach the brain. Alternately, you can also try tying your feet slightly (inwards), as this is considered more relaxing position for the feet. If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription. Stay here for 10 long, deep breaths, or until you feel your right knee sinking heavily into the ground. This means, when my relaxation progresses fine, I start feeling a little breeze over my toes even when no wind is blowing in the vicinity.
Also, if you have been doing it all fine, by the time you reach relaxing your head, abdominal breathing becomes almost involuntary. Puppy friends is another great stretch for the hamstrings, which can help reverse the effects of long days of sitting, according to Flynn.

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