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Heavenly Yoga IntroductionHeavenly Yoga describes the feeling of ahimsa, flow, and bliss as applied to the discipline of yoga. This program is perfect for anyone who has never done yoga before or someone new to yoga who wants a proper introduction.
As each class builds upon the material in the previous classes, you will have the opportunity to see your healthy and well-being increase over the course of the program. Class 1 – provides you with a gentle introduction to Hatha Vinyasa Yoga, and focuses on breath and body awareness.
Class 2 – introduces you to the distinction between good and bad stretches in a yoga practice. Class 3 – in this practice you are encouraged to suspending judgement on how you perform, incorporating self-observation (Svdhyaya) with (Ahimsa) introduced in the previous class, which means non-violence to others and towards yourself.
Class 4 – focuses on alignment and your sense of stability in the postures, and introduces you to some new postures. Class 5 – focuses on being focused and relaxed during your yoga practice, and will reinforce the concepts of alignment and stability from the previous class.
Vinyasa yoga, also known as Vinyasa Flow, is one of the most widely practiced styles of yoga.
Vinyasa students quickly find that the benefits are very noticeable along with being physically and mentally rewarding. This entry was posted in TSP and tagged Vinyasa yoga, Vinyasa Yoga at The Still Point Yoga. Vinyasa movements are smoothly flowing and almost dance-like, which explains why it is sometimes referred to as Vinyasa Flow or just Flow. It assumes no prior knowledge and will take you step-by-step through each aspect of the practice. The principles behind this program are at the heart of yoga – how to bring harmony to every aspect of ourselves, and developing awareness of our physical, emotional, and psychological nature.

After a short time of attending classes, you’ll notice stress is being replaced by a more peaceful outlook with true relaxation. To be in joy, to be in bliss is to embody the characteristics of Heaven and thus to practice Heavenly Yoga.
Vinyasa Flow refers to the graceful changing of poses along with proper inhaling and exhaling. The combinations of postures coupled with breathing exercises gives the body, lungs, joints and cardiovascular system a complete workout. The movements of Vinyasa yoga along with the breathing exercises help the body to detoxify.
First (yes, even prior to the earthquake), I find the effects of Mercury in Retrograde still affecting me: my relationships, my gadgets, my everything. It is the type of yoga most utilized by athletes and people thinking about quickly increasing strength and stamina. Many students claim they have regained an enthusiasm for life they thought had slipped away years ago. You may notice others in your class are more flexible, let this go, with time and practice your improvements will become apparent.
The heat your body creates during practice enables your body not only to detoxify, but also to release beneficial nutrients and oxygen throughout your body.
Because of this, Ashtanga yoga postures have a higher quantity of difficulty than those in other forms.
The number of Ashtanga Yoga poses starts with the sun salutation, moves through seated poses, then standing poses, moves to the more challenging twisted poses and finally head stands.
This produces “internal heat,” which then causes sweating and the relieve toxins from your organs and muscles.
Ashtanga yoga improves circulation and could increase your strength and suppleness, as well as providing relaxation plus a sense of calm.Ashtanga Yoga can be a ancient system of mental and physical training.

Traditionally, yoga was made as a way of life to arrange the mind and body for enlightenment.
Today, we practice yoga to create strength and flexibility, to know to control our breathing, also to enhance our capacity to concentrate.
Ashtanga Yoga PosesAshtanga Yoga PoseAs for the Ashtanga yoga poses, they range widely when it comes to positioning. You will find yourself moving from standing, backbent, inverted, balancing, seated, as well as twisting poses.
In power yoga, the sun salutation sequence of poses is extremely popular as well, which means you will often use standing forward bend, upward dog, downward dog, and several other poses sprinkled in too.
In extended triangle, revolved triangle, side stretch and revolved side stretch, you will have one foot in front and one at the back of your mat, together with your body in a variety of twists and arms extended to accomplish the triangle. Step the feet back slightly, so you are in a straight diagonal line out of your feet to your hands. Hold this pose not less than 20 to 30 seconds for top results.Twisting PosesTwisting Poses complement backward and forward bending by exercising muscles in additional complex ways than is accomplished through the symmetrical movements of flexion and tension alone.
The axial compression from the spine and other structures from the torso improves nutrition towards the intervertebral disks and squeezes blood from the internal organs of the abdomen and pelvis, thus improving circulation within the body’s supportive system.Child’s PoseChild’s pose is a great method to end any ashtanga yoga routine.
This pose cannot only be good at helping you to relax the mind, but also gives parts of your muscles the break they require after a challenging workout.

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