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One of the classes is taken by the World Champion Freediver Sara Campbell, four-times world record holder.
I first learned yoga with Acharya at the University of New South Wales, Kensington, in 1993, where I was then studying.
I trained as a yoga teacher under Acharya’s direction in 2002 and, at his request, taught classes for him. I am passionate about yoga and all that it makes possible and I am excited to finally return to teaching to share this passion with others. I started gymnastics in the 80’s when I was six years old before spending ten years as a circus performer. Sujata was born and educated in India with a strong foundation in ancient yoga texts, especially the Bhagavad Gita.
She joined yoga classes with Acharya in 2001 and after diligent practice, was personally invited by Acharya to commence teacher training in 2002. Sujata has contributed to the book – ‘Teachings on Hatha & Raja Yoga, Acharya Upendra Roy’.
Hatha yoga teacher and practitioner Sarah Hyland has made this her philosophy for the past 15 years. Sarah began studying yoga in the late 1990s, and was advised to go as close to the original source of a yoga discipline as possible. In Sydney, the most authentic authority on Hatha yoga was Acharya Upendra Roy, and Sarah began studying with him in 1998. Three years later she started teaching Hatha yoga under Acharya’s supervision, and completed her teacher training in 2006. Since then, Sarah has travelled the world and studied with many different teachers and styles in India, the United States and Australia. Sarah believes the regular practice of Hatha yoga has given her more confidence in her body; and a deeper calmness from the combination of relaxation, deep breathing, postures and meditation, to help face life’s daily challenges.

Sarah brings to this class not only her knowledge of physical wellbeing, but a passionate belief in the healing powers of yoga for the body, mind and spirit. Becky began a serious practice 4 years ago and graduated from the Yoga London training in March 2015. After completing her YTT in London, she taught Yoga there until she moved to Bali in September to do further training.
O Yoga e uma antiga pratica originaria da India, que consiste na uniao e equilibrio entre o corpo e a mente que busca o auto-conhecimento e da perfeita integracao com o mundo exterior. Sao varios os beneficios desta pratica, beneficios esses que farao parte da vida fisica, mental, emocional, espiritual e nao so.
Yoga found its natural home in Dahab when, not long ago, it was a real hippy and hang out for alternative living. Come and try it, have some fun and maybe even learn something new about yourself – who knows where it might lead you!
I quickly made the transition from campus to the city, to practice at Acharya’s yoga studio.
I then gave up teaching as the demands of legal practice and, later, motherhood, took over.
Yoga is, in my experience, the ultimate portal to good health, balance and creative possibilities. Through this, it becomes possible to let go of mental attitudes that no longer serve and to embrace all endeavours with greater clarity and creativity. She has been teaching classical Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga to both beginners and advanced students for over 11 years. But she always returns to the wisdom she gained from Acharya’s teachings, as a well-rounded daily practice of Hatha yoga. Apos um mes ja se sentira a qualidade desta atividade e apos tres meses os seus beneficios gerais comecam a sentir-se de forma clara e intensa.

Today there are more and more yoga courses and classes going on and if you want to feel fit during your holiday you can take a look at the Yoga classes you can join near Eldorado Lodge.
This method of yoga involves synchronizing the breath with a progressive series of postures—a process producing intense internal heat and a profuse, purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs. The yoga practice felt like “home” to my mind and body and has been a central way of life ever since. I continue to balance professional life and motherhood with my teaching and yoga practice, which remains the foundation on which I draw strength in all areas of life. This involves the 84 classical asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing), kriyas, meditation, chanting and yoga philosophy. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science with an emphasis on Anatomy and Physiology from the National University of Ireland. Venu d’Inde, le yoga est une science du corps et de l’esprit qui comprend une grande variete d’exercices et techniques. It was during her studies that she began her yoga journey with a practice in various disciplines, among them hot yoga, Bikram, Vinyasa flow and Ashtanga. Sa pratique repetee vous aide dans la vie quotidienne en vous relaxant et en etant plus en contact avec votre corps.
Nous vous montrerons un enchainement de diverses postures, suivi d’une seance de relaxation.

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