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Browse through the yoga posture libary one of the biggest in the world with many different camera angles to view each posture and individual printable yoga cards. Like the other Qi Yoga classes on our site, this Qi 3 class is medium-paced and will work to build muscle tone along with flexibility. My Categories allows you to create your own categories for your own purpose, which can be used to group classes in the class listings. This rating will be your own personal rating and does not affect the public rating for this class. Good class, original pace and great instructions, but the 45 minutes PDF pose guide has a whole sequence missing. I like these classes and Kylie, but in the 45 minute class, there seems to be a disconnect between the pose guide and the audio.
I enjoyed this class for it s ability to build upon the postures slowly and precisely with fabulous cues!

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It is a challenging Qi flow that will have your legs shaking and body vibrating from head to toe.
The teacher was straight to the point, and gave excellent cues for all the poses (I did the 75 minute audio version). I hadn t tried Qi until they started posting classes on Yoga Download, and I have loved each one on the site. If you want to see what they looked like in her prime, watch Atlantic City with Burt Reynolds. However, with the description, I was expecting much more of a Vinyasa paced flow but this is really more of a Hatha paced class. It really helps me focus on my alignment and strength, yet at the same time is fast enough to keep things interesting.

Kylie's approachable style of teaching will push you, but remind you to accept and appreciate where you are right now. True to the Qi Yoga style, this class combines a strong focus on alignment with creative sequencing that is designed to increase strength and flexibility in a harmonious and balanced way. My hamstrings definitely feel the work but the class was so slow-paced that I wasn t able to get out of my head for any amount of time.

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