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I can not believe it took me that long to finally get in touch to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for putting yourself out there and sharing your practice with us with such generosity and care ! In the big jungle of youtube videos, you definitely stand out as the most authentic, positive and empowering Yoga guide I have seen AND you never fail to make me smile ! I am moving to LA in late August and would aboslutely LOVE to attend to one of your class somewhere in the world. I am very new to yoga but have been enjoying and learning a lot from your two beginner videos. I have a question about the foundation of yoga pose, is “Dancer Pose” one of the foundation poses?
I teach classes on Tuesdays and Saturdays at the Salvage Vanguard Theater and monthly classes at the Blanton Museum.
Found you when I started wanting to do yoga at home and your videos were the most detailed and in depth.

Do you have a suggestion for an order to learn and focus on the different postures that you break down in your foundations of yoga series? And i would love to see how to build up this pose, do you have any video that teach his pose? I just finish your 30 days with Yoga program and I am excited to start studying Yoga with you! I know it will be challenging at times and often we will butt heads or get fussy, but in the end, the journey is the reward and I could not be more excited about the journey than I am right now. I’m a professional actress in film, commercial and theatre and I teach performance, movement and yoga for all ages. It will get you on your mat and into your body while also preparing you for public classes and local yoga opportunities.
Thank you for sharing your classes, vlogs, thoughts and now videos with us and keep them coming as they inspire so many people.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, tone the body or create more flexibility this series (most importantly) will help you to FIND WHAT FEELS good. Dis you know that a playful attitude has many health benefits that augment all those that yoga has to offer? Whether you are looking to lose weight, build strength, increase flexibility or deepen your current yoga practice- this is the place for you.

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