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Bear in mind that most people are a conform bunch in some group or other, and that conformism may bar many individual seeds from sprouting. In SRF (Self-Realization Fellowship) they learn to wear astrological gold bangles, like their guru.
Judged from pictures, its former president, Daya Mata (1914-2010), has been wearing one too. And if you choose not to wear it next to your skin but put it in a drawer in the bedside cabinet, it is just a gold, silver and copper investment. Here is a chance not to make do with just confusing tenets, but to get a bangle and try it out. A Birthday Chart is like a somewhat "Tentative Portrait" of all females born - for example those born on 31 January 1914 in (or near) Salt Lake City, Utah, Mormons or otherwise.
A quick glance at Yogananda's birth chart does well to incorporate the placements of the north node (company) and south node (basis), considerations of angles to them and what planets appear in angles to them. Grand trines (triangles of trines) are considered great good things, or some specified "things" "well oiled".
There is much to explore in this field, in part along lines that Yogananda's disciple Kriyananda goes into in his book Your Sun Sign as A Spiritual Guide.
To the degree such a bangle offers real help as a "lightning rod", in Yogananda's words, you should take care not to create more bad karma under such an "umbrella of protection", and why?
Finally, it is good to subject the uses of such as bangles to the scrutinity of double-blind research of two controllable, much similar groups of persons.
There is more to wearing well designed and calculated bangles, stones, gold, silver and copper than meets the eye.
Course materials that you will take home with you include previously unpublished and rare material connected to Yogananda's life, plus a complete annotated bibliography to help you continue to explore his teachings on your own. One day my friends at the Parmarth Niketan ashram told me "Hey, we met an amazing 103 years old yogi called Swami Yogananda and he is going to give us a class tomorrow at 6am, do you wanna join?". The warm up exercises were a combination of joints exercises, breathing techniques (Kapalabhati or breath of fire) in different body positions similar to those from kundalini yoga, and different body movements to stimulate energy flows in the body.

He asked us to run on the same place touching our buttocks with our heels and then all of a sudden he would shout "faster!" and a few seconds later he would shout "super fast!". He showed us the "tiger walk" were we were supposed to take a few steps while at the same time roaring like tigers, pretty funny, and we did also a few exercises similar to those on laughter yoga. He would regularly shout "every body around is sick and dying because they don't do this exercise! And after the class was over at 8 am we all took a bath in the cold waters of the holy Ganga river. Refraining from getting involved in a big town council as a representantive of a political party, can be a good example of time saved for possibly more rewarding pursuits, for example making a million dollars in a classy way.
There is an Indian tradition in SRF for such things, to set out to "kid" the universe by wearing a bangle of intertwined gold, silver and copper strands - available on ◦request. If thousands try to sort out their experiences with it by adhering to a design like "before I started wearing it" as compared to "after I started wearing it", interesting data might surface, depending on the research methods and the quality of the research and responses, and on the funding, for the bangles are costly. Martin Schulman writes about Yogananda's birth horoscope and concludes it was was negative, but the yogi had been wearing three bangles - one of nine gems, one of gold, silver and copper, and one of lead. For arriving at a synthesis, the whole pattern of heavenly bodies, their placements in houses and star signs matters too. The node theory is from hoary Indian astrology, relating to Ketu and Rahu, the placements of the nodes in "constellations".
You may notice that in SRF and similar organisations they wear bangles out of belief and a guru's word. The double-blind testing procedure is designed to eliminate biased results by this: Neither those who hand out real bangles and fake ones, know which subjects get the "real stuff" to wear till after the study is completed. In the meantime, there is good reason to say, simply, "If you want to try wearing one, it may not harm you. A yogi of tremendous energy and will power, he was also a channel of unconditional love who transformed the lives of those he met. Neither Yogananda nor his guru Yukteswar were the inventors of such gadgets; they wore them, and Yognanda always.

But Daya Mata's fare, like that of Yogananda, is helped by "swindling the swindle" (universe), in their opinion.
Based on the guru's autobiography and his reputation, Schulman was led to think that the love guru's history might not be negative after all. I am unsure of how well founded the Rahu and Ketu astrology is, though, considering that the constellations in the sky are of different shapes and lengths, and one constellation of the zodiac, Ophiucus, seems to be totally missing in such calculations [Zae]. It is a graphic chart of how the solar system looks like at the moment of birth - all placements viewed from the earth onto the zodiac belt. You may also notice that that manufacturer above uses single cases to back up that his bangles are useful. Those who seek progress and adhere to good and safe ways at the same time, may benefit for some reasons or others.
Is his life relevant today, in the age of the Internet, cell phones, and fast-paced high-stress lifestyles? Furthermore, trines (angles of 120 degrees) should be great, while squares suggest working areas, oppositions suggests tensions, and so on.
Such cases, when recorded in reliable ways, are called anecdotal evidence, but that is not high-ranked in science. If you want to contact him you can find an e-mail address in his fan page otherwise you might find him at the Parmarth Niketan Ashram, he seems to visit it regularly. It suggests that "things" (occurences, developments, phenomena) harmonised with them, may run well along, smoothly, basically, unless off-set .
However, if much anecdotal evidence - many single cases - are classified, that could change the value of the single pieces for the better somehow, to the end of making findings more reliable. In interpreting them, one is to take into account the placements (in sign) of each of the planets involved, and the sun (which is a star, not a planet).

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