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Today is the Summer Solstice, and despite this blog’s long silence most of us are still here six months after it was all supposed to end.
Why didn’t I bring Hubby on this trip?  The wind seemingly comes from nowhere, rattling the broken Venetian blinds in my room and immediately transporting me back to childhood alien abduction fantasies of the Whitley Strieber genre.
But by the time I’m brave enough to peek out, there is nothing left to see.  Why did I elect to spend my last days here, of all places? Tagged activating the Atlantis energy grid, Atlantis energy vortex near Bimini Bahamas, Atlantis Rejuvenation Center in Bimini, Bimini Bahamas, December 21 2012, did we save the world?, lens flare vs.
So I’ve been silent on this blog ever since my Thanksgiving manifesto declaring my intention to stop being such a narcissist. So why am I writing this?  I’ve spent eleven years in California now, and this place is as seductive as ever.

Even five minutes in the car makes me hyperventilate.  The only good thing about travel is that when dopey Tasha goes with them I get the house to myself. If you have been following this blog for any length of time, you know I generally try to mitigate this situation by overpacking.
This trip is no different.  As I write this from San Francisco, I realize that even though I packed five pairs of shoes, three pair of pants, two dresses, three sweaters, and two jackets for a single long weekend, I still lack the right clothes. It’s all going swimmingly, until we drive back to San Francisco and check in to the lovely old St. I think about retrieving the toenail, but realize I didn’t pack any nail glue anyway. So, I put on my best OC Housewife face and march straight back to hotel, hoping no one will look at my feet.  At least I packed boots.

Tagged embarrassing travel stories, Farallon in San Francisco, Golden Finch by Michael Parkes, Half Moon Bay, Michael Parkes one man show in Montara, St.
Germain. Certainly not five star, but purportedly a favorite among models and artists in the know.

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