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Many of you will notice that the first several times you get on the floor to do static back, you will feel stiff when you get back up. But the main feat static back accomplishes is that it allows gravity to work with us to begin the balancing process.
The position of the ankles, knees, hips, and shoulders (load joints) coupled with gravity at work on our torso causes the pelvis to rotate to a right angle. Incidentally, there is nothing static or passive about static back, even though it looks like folks are just lying on the ground. When you’re lying on your back, you will be inclined to put your arms in different positions because your body is asymmetrical, so one arm will have more range of motion than the other. Known as the Father of Postural Therapy, Pete Egoscue has helped relieve thousands of people from their chronic pain, including many of the world’s leading athletes.
This exercise, pictured above, involves laying on the floor with the feet and calves elevated on a chair, ottoman, or block.
When you lie on your back and put your legs up on a block or chair, it causes a symmetrical right angle posture at the knee joint. When our body is off balance, the nerve that activates our diaphragm, the phrenic nerve, gets impinged, and so the diaphragm doesn’t have enough room to work.

Submit your query and our experts in holistic health, nutrition, and fitness may provide an answer in an upcoming column. This leads to weight not being evenly distributed on our feet and our feet not pointing straight ahead. The backs of the knees should be flush with the edge of the block so the legs are supported and the muscles can release.
Contrary to what some people might believe, achieving symmetry in our bodies does not require motion alone. If you can put your right arm out straight, but you can’t move your left arm too far from your hip, then bring that right arm in toward the hip. For instance, a right knee might get sore after jogging not because of the pounding or even because of the knee but rather because the hips are misaligned, putting more weight on the right side than the left. When we’re off balance, they work unilaterally, which means that the muscles on one side of the spine are working harder than the muscles on the other side. By feeling good, I mean how the body feels during the settling process while you’re in static back.
This imbalance will change relatively soon, and eventually you’ll have both arms out straight to the side, palms up.

However, as you lie on your back, and the body lengthens out and the torso becomes symmetrical, the phrenic nerve opens up, allowing room in the abdominal cavity for the diaphragm to work. That’s not optimal, but muscles have that capability and then position the joints accordingly.
Initially, you’re going to feel stiffness when you get up and maybe even as you walk around the first few days, but that stiffness is the result of reengaging long dormant muscles.
When you breathe in, your stomach will expand, and when you breathe out, it will collapse, which is exactly what it’s supposed to do. The goal is to get the body to where it’s working bilaterally, to where the muscles on either side of the spine are working equally hard.
The pelvis and knee rotate themselves using gravity and the stimulus of block, and that rotation causes those back muscles to bilaterally engage.

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