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Every week, Jogan-ji Temple in the middle of Nakano opens its doors to all who want to try zazen -- Buddhist meditation. Eine offene Weite des Geistes, Ausgewogenheit und Klarheit des Herzens können sich entfalten.
I decide to give it a shot, marking the first time that I've ever stepped across a temple's threshold as anything more than a tourist. I may be a thoroughly modern girl with cell phone and iMac, but I've always been fascinated by the traditional side of my country. The Japanese Monster Survival Guide," "Ninja Attack!:True Tales of Assassins, Samurai, and Outlaws," and "Yurei Attack! 1986 empfing Sie von Meister Taiten Guareschi in Italien die Nonnen-Ordination und eine intensive Ausbildung im Kloster Shobozan Fudenji in Salsomaggiore.
My fellow meditators comprise some twenty men and women covering a surprisingly broad demographic range from young adult to elderly.Upon entering the temple we exchange only glances, no names or chitchat.

Sie lehrt bundesweit Zen-Meditation und die Buddha-Lehre und ist Autorin mehrerer Bücher. Moments after we assume the zazen meditation position demonstrated by the head monk -- legs crossed, hands cupped one beneath the other, eyes open and gaze slightly downward -- I realize just how difficult it is to tune out my instincts."Am I sitting correctly?" pops a voice in my head.
Hard to imagine this is the middle of Tokyo, I can't hear any traffic."After I finally manage to calm myself down, a series of sharp cracking sounds fills the air.
This is the head monk walking up and down the rows of meditators, using a flexible wooden cane to administer a rap on the shoulders of anyone he feels isn't properly concentrating. It's about keeping one's mind focused.This being a beginner-level course, the monk administers the treatment only to those who have requested it beforehand. I didn't, but I still can't keep my heart from racing as I see his approaching shadow reflected on the curtains in front of me. But the experience of forcing my 'animal brain' to shut up has proven surprisingly satisfying.

It turns out that the noises we hear -- computers, phones, cars, trucks, people -- aren't limited to the outside world. A little peace and quiet is a precious commodity, even within the confines of one's own head.Which makes returning to the 'real world' a shock.
Now that its constant presence has been pointed out to me, I find myself for several hours after the session trying ignore the clamor of daily life -- avoiding television, computers, music, even the phone.

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