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I’ve looked forward to every service I’ve been to thus far, but I was most excited about going to a Buddhist service.
In front of the altar (my terminology may be off here) were two rows of mats with circular pillows.
Mixed together, the Buddhas, candles, dark wood, yellow walls with red edging, and prayer flags; the relatively simple room was beautiful. Kosa came in and lit the candles, then sat down pillow between his legs, arms outstretched, and eyes open. The absence of noise and other external stimuli allowed me to fall into an alert, but almost subconscious state nearly immediately. A member of the advisory council came in and announced a series of classes offered by the Zen Buddhist Temple including an introduction to meditation. We once again broke into another bout of Ma-Um chanting, this time greatly sped up, as if to reawaken the body to the world. I am making more of an effort to ask those who lead and participate in services about their own personal faith journeys. It wasn’t until a full year later that he came back, this time mentally prepared to attend a service. Gradually, Kosa learned the teachings of Zen Buddhism (in the Korean tradition) and was equipped with enough knowledge to lead services.
I asked him how he had changed, and he looked at me for a long time before answering, his eyebrows furrowing with concentration. This past Sunday, I attended a “Family Service” at the Midwest Buddhist Temple in Old Town. I am very excited that I will be attending a service at the Baha’i Temple this coming weekend. Tools to promote happiness even through the worst headlines by thinking about how we think and overriding psychological tendencies that cause stress, anger and unhappiness. Desktop users: right click on the image and choose "save image as" or "set as desktop background".
Please realize that from the date you place your order, I will start building your flute as soon as I can, there are orders ahead of yours to complete first. Head out into special nature spots to play or to walk to great acoustical spots in your neighborhood which feature natural reverberation.
Almost all of what I know is purely superficial, but unlike the idea of going to Church, going to a Buddhist Temple just sounds relaxing. A small stage held a large (Mu-Daiko looking) drum on one side with a gong like bell on the other. Congregants gradually filtered in, soundlessly sitting on the mats, and putting the pillow between their legs.
The 8 spokes complete a path of righteousness, with emphasis on “right actions and right thoughts”.
Because nearly half of those in attendance looked like students (I’m getting older, so it’s harder to gauge ages), I anticipated a flurry of questions. The sheer number of courses and members only events showcased a stable, growing community, (more remarkable still after I learned that the center was slowly built, including the altar, by a community of dedicated volunteers).That it was run completely through volunteers and donations was testament to the transformative power of Zen Buddhist practice. When the ordained Sensei left, Kosa filled the void, leading services (as a lay person) and moving into the Temple. There are many other traditions that range from almost entirely Monastic to almost entirely Lay (i.e.
I’ll write more about that service later in the week, but it was a very interesting counterpoint to Zen, since the service was patterned off more familiar Church style services with Sermon style Dharma talks.
Not only is it one of my favorite buildings in the Chicago area, but I am fascinated to see how such diverse collage of different faiths has been merged together.

I love exploring Chicago, enjoying a good beer with some tasty food, and weekends on Lake Michigan. Head out into your garage or anywhere with a long hall or tall arches and play your bamboo flute. The flute is amazing, it sounds great, it looks great, it's top-notch work and I really appreciate what you've done with these flutes. Any service that recommends wearing baggy, comfortable clothes automatically gets points in my book.
Kosa was wearing a heavy, yet comfortable looking grey vestment made of rough looking cloth. The more experienced wore dark, loose fitting clothes, and certainly looked the part (stereotypically) with long-hair and beaded necklaces.
Candles extinguished, those in attendance left soundlessly, bowing towards the alter before exiting the room. He was raised Jewish, but the concept of a supreme, creator deity just didn’t work for him. I wasn’t even annoyed with the persistent traffic on Lincoln that would have normally elicited some furious horn-honking. As always, thanks for reading and please don’t hesitate to make any comments or ask any questions.
I find the interesting spots can help you to tune in more and deeply explore the meditative sounds of your flute.
After a rough Saturday night, a morning meditation wasn’t in the cards, so I looked for an afternoon service instead. He directed me to head upstairs, and since I was early, I had the main sanctuary to myself. Atop the altar were various Buddhas of different heights and circumferences (none of the jolly looking fat ones I expected) in brilliant gold. The one in the center represented the historical Buddha.
The room was completely soundless aside from the occasional ambient noise from a bird or a passing car.
I certainly wasn’t asleep, but my mind stopped racing, as if I were in a state of just being. Finally, the Sangha is the community of all living creatures, whether they be Buddhist or not. Afterwards, he began a sung, two-syllable chant with the (I think) Korean sounds “Ma” and “Um”. Instead, there was something appealing about Buddhism, a non-theistic faith tradition with elements of religion, without completely being a religion. At certain point, he cut back to four days, explaining “that any time something becomes a burden instead of a joy, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate.” He continued, “I usually meditate anywhere between 15-25 minutes (like in the Meditation service). I thought about Kosa’s own experience, using Meditation as a way to overcome addiction or craving. There doesn’t seem to be the type of judgment inherent in other religions (although I don’t know too much about other strains of Buddhism).
Each branch of Buddhism, like Christianity, is deeply influenced by the language and culture of its country of origin. The Zen Buddhist Temple on Cornelia was offering a 4 PM Meditation, and since the Bears’ game was already over by half time, I didn’t mind. The other two were boddhisatvas, representations of ideals said to be people who have deferred their own full enlightenment until enlightened within them.
Obviously, the concept of Karma is heavily associated with Buddhism, but a greater emphasis is placed not only on the karmic Golden Rule, but on doing no harm. However, he keeps them as a counter to mark time and as a way to remained focused on the meditation.

At the time, he’d just lost a lot of weight, but was struggling to control the accompanying food cravings. This sort of theological middle ground, a faith system that can be practiced regardless of your personal religion tradition (meaning you can practice another religion and ascribe to Buddhism) or lack of religion (atheists and agnostics) is uniquely appealing to me and other religious seekers like Kosa. Once I started looking for more Buddhist Temples, I was shocked by the sheer number and variety within just a two mile radius of my house. 17th Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje, Buddhist meditation master and head of the Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.
The description said it was ideal for student’s completing reports on religion, and being a student of sorts on my own journey, this would be a perfect introduction.
On my right was Kwanseum Bosal, the Korean name of the boddhisatva also known as Kwan Yin, the boddhisatva of great compassion. Kosa took off his necklace, fingering beads at regular intervals as they slowly looped around and around. Even someone as experienced in meditation as him finds his mind wandering to worldly things like his dinner menu. I am still human, I still have those impulses and emotions, but I am better able to control them.” Indeed, there was a calmness evident in the slow cadence of his speech and in the fluid motion of his hands while talking.
While there may be considerable overlap, in the case of Christian or Jewish denominations, variations in locations and demographics will create a significantly different experience. On my left was Chichang Bosal, the earth boddhisatva and representation of planetary consciousness. Golden candle votives held large candles to round out the altar.
After maybe five minutes of observation, I turned off my phone (my mistake!!) and closed my eyes. Those in attendance began the low, and slow alternation of sounds gently swaying on their mats or in their seats.
He mentioned we’d speak later, providing me the opportunity to ask more personal questions.
He walked into the Zen Buddhist Center (at that time extremely new) and asked for a book on Meditation. After the service, even I (admittedly a pretty hyper person) found my own pace greatly relaxed. 17th Karmapa gives tips and explanations on different aspects of Buddhist meditation, including posture, focus, and breathing.
He was invited to attendance a service, but figured this was something he could learn, master, and practice on his own. Tips on meditation postureBefore we even begin meditation, tip number one is to start with three deep exhalations – to ventilate unnecessary air from our system. Karmapa reminds us that although watching the breath is just a very basic form of meditation, it can help our other meditations.
Karmapa:Meditation tips to help us practice every dayAnd finally, now that we know how to meditate, how can we stick to it?
The Diamond Way Buddhism UK blog has some useful tips on making meditation a habit:Modern practitioners of meditation face the same age-old question that meditators have asked themselves and each other for thousands of years: how can I motivate myself to meditate every day? Here we offer five tried-and-tested meditation tips to overcome the most common problems that beginners and experienced practitioners can encounter in motivating themselves to sit regularly.Check out the full article: Top 5 meditation tips – make it a daily habit, and good luck!

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