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MZMC's Guiding Teacher, Tim Burkett, began practicing in spring 1964 with Shunryu Suzuki Roshi while attending Stanford University. Priests at Minnesota Zen Meditation Center make a lifelong commitment to teaching and exemplifying the Dharma. Priest training at MZMC follows the model Guidelines for Training Soto Zen Priests in the West, which was developed by Tim Burkett and others under the auspices of the Soto Zen Buddhist Association (SZBA). These individuals have received dharma transmission (certification to teach independently) from Tim Burkett. Ted O'Toole first became interested in Buddhism in 1973, and began his formal practice in 1992 at the Zen Buddhist Temple in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Rosemary started practicing Zen meditation in 1994, was ordained by Tim Burkett in 2003, became Shuso (a senior student) in 2007, and received dharma transmission in September 2010.
Susan started practice with Katagiri-roshi and the MZMC community in 1978 and received the precepts from him in 1980.
Guy Gibbon has a special interest in the interplay between Buddhism and Western science, and in the incorporation of Buddhist practices like mindfulness meditation in education, health care, business, and other avenues of contemporary life. These individuals have been ordained by and in training with Tim Burkett for four to seven years.
Ben began Zen practice at MZMC in 2001, was ordained in 2009, and received dharma transmission in 2015.
Busshō Lahn first came to Zen Buddhism and MZMC in 1993, was ordained by Tim Burkett in 2009, and received dharma transmission in 2015. He is active in both the recovery and Christian contemplative communities, teaching and leading retreats and overseas pilgrimages through the Episcopal House of Prayer and the Aslan Institute. Wanda is the editor of Nothing Holy About It: The Zen of Being Just Who You Are, by Tim Burkett. Stacy Lee King began Minnesota Zen Meditation Center teacher training in November 2012 with formal ordination from Tim Burkett. Mark began exploring Zen Buddhist practice while a college student at the University of Minnesota. Our mission is to help people experience a deep and quiet joy – a joy that arises whenever we are fully engaged in the work or play of this moment.
Join Buddhist teachers Ed Sattizahn or Gib Robinson for a time of silent meditation, followed by a presentation and discussion on spiritual practice.
Le temps est mauvais, encore de la pluie, surement chez toi aussi, mais je passe te faire un petit coucou pour te laisser un rayon de soleil virtuel pour te remonter le moral et te souhaiter une excellente soiree. J'aime ce qui est zen, aussi en surfant par ci par la sur le net, je tombe sur ton blog, et il se trouve que je suis nouvelle aussi sur cette plateforme.. At Suzuki's urging, Tim began a weekly sitting group on the San Francisco peninsula later that year, which Suzuki regularly attended.
The responsibilities of priests are many and varied, and include much service to the community. Priests-in-training are expected to become knowledgeable as to the history and teachings of Buddhism through study, classes, and, most importantly, working directly with their teacher.

The following year he moved to Minnesota and became a member of MZMC, where he received the precepts from Shohaku Okamura. After studying Nyoho-e (the Way of Sewing) with Tomoe Katagiri for 16 years, Rosemary became one of three sewing teachers endorsed by Tomoe-san upon her retirement in the summer of 2013. Guy, who has been a somewhat irregular member of MZMC since 1976, received the precepts from Dainin Katakiri Roshi in the late 1980s, and was ordained by Tim Burkett in September 2006.
They have demonstrated a readiness to counsel others in developing and maintaining a meditation practice. Busshō is a certified spiritual director, connecting with and mentoring those who wish to deepen an intentional and contemplative spiritual life. His special interests include Zen ritual and ceremony, poetry, interfaith dialogue, and the works of the great mystics. Stacy has led kitchen practice and work practice and assisted with the Dharma Family Sunday program. They may teach classes, lead practice groups, lead meditation retreats, and give dharma talks. Training focuses on developing priestcraft, exemplary personal conduct, self-understanding, and academic study.
Among the positions Rosemary has held at Zen Center are Associate Guiding Teacher, Tenzo (head cook), Ino (center coordinator), Attendant, and Chiden (caretaker of altars and rituals), as well as various administrative roles.
She became Shuso (head student) in 2009, completed a Residency in Health Care chaplaincy in 2009, and received dharma transmission in 2011.
He has taught courses at MZMC in meditation, introductory Buddhism, the Four Immeasurables, and intermediate-level concepts (the How to Practice: The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching course).
He started teaching Introduction to Meditation in 2005, and since then has taught a variety of courses to both newcomers and long-term Zen practitioners.
He explores the connection between spirituality and psychology with them as well as encouraging and supporting their continued spiritual practice. She facilitates introductory meditation sessions at MZMC as well as Hennepin County Juvenile Detention Center. If you are new to Zen Buddhism or the Center, you may want to attend the Introduction to Meditation class before you begin coming to these regularly scheduled meditation sessions. Suzuki's talks to that group were later edited and published as "Zen Mind Beginner's Mind", which has become a classic text and the gateway for many to enter Zen practice.
She lives in south Minneapolis with her husband Dave; they are empty-nester parents of a daughter and a son.
Susan has served in a variety of practice leadership roles over the years at MZMC and at Hokyoji,where she currently resides with her husband and two other community residents. He has also been a participant in Ken McLeod's teacher training program at Unfettered Mind in Los Angeles since 2006. Inspired again and again by the way people give themselves to the practice of transforming their lives at MZMC, he has taken up creating new practice offerings for the community, listening to students, washing dishes, and watching the wind cross the lake as Zen practice. After completing his BA at Stanford, Tim attended the maiden practice period at San Francisco Zen Center's Tassajara Zen Mountain Center in 1967 with his wife Linda, whom he met at San Francisco Zen Center.

They are expected to hold an office at MZMC, such as ino (practice leader), tenzo (cook), or work leader, and to have a consistent presence within the community.
She was a founding board member of Hokyoji and serves there now as Director of Practice and Education. Ben is a musician by profession: a singer and songwriter, guitar teacher, film composer and multi-instrumentalist.
Her focus as a Zen teacher is helping people cultivate the capacity to express themselves completely by seeing through emotional barriers and opening up to the natural compassion and original freedom innate in each of us.
Mark is particularly interested in exploring engaged mindfulness, non-violent communication, and the interplay between the 12-steps and Zen practice.
She represents Hokyoji as a community chaplain at Prairie Correctional and works as an affiliate chaplain at Gundersen Lutheran Hospital in LaCrosse, WI.
His first book, Inside the Grass Hut, Living Shitou's Classic Zen Poem (Wisdom Publications) was published in 2014, and his new translation and commentary on Vasubandhu's Thirty Verses is slated for publication by Wisdom in 2016. He draws great inspiration from people who give their entire hearts to the most simple of activities, be it sitting zazen, eating oryoki, or ringing a meditation bell. Priests maintain a regular and disciplined zazen practice, which includes both daily practice and retreats.
At MZMC she continues to teach classes,lead retreats, meet with and mentor individuals, and co-lead the Dharma Family Sunday program.
Tim was president of MZMC from 1978 to 1983, became a dharma heir of Karen Sunna in the Katagiri lineage in 2000, and succeeded Karen as abbot in 2002. Priests tend to be very busy people, and although they often find it challenging to balance family, work, and training activities, they know that this balancing is the very heart of their practice. Susan is interested in preserving the forms and ceremonies handed down from within the Soto Zen lineage, while also exploring new forms to fit our modern lives. Since then, he has worked in a variety of capacities including emergency response, environmental education, and grassroots advocacy. They are committed to the Bodhisattva ideal, and feel profound gratitude for the opportunity to serve at MZMC and to be a part of this practice community. Ted grew up on a farm in North Dakota and often incorporates his early experiences into his dharma talks.
In his free time, Mark enjoys creating music, writing creative fiction, and exploring the outdoors. Paul, and enjoy their extended family, as well as gardening, house projects, biking, cross-country skiing, and writing.

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