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Once you enroll in the program you are responsible for commiting to the practice and watching all the videos. You may experience a few days of tears or tiredness as a result of stress leaving the body. It gets better: The more you stimulate these neural pathways through practicing gratitude, the stronger and more automatic they become.
Start with the simple exercise from the beginning of the post: Write down the top 5 things you are most grateful for.
I know I'm biased being a meditation teacher, but there is a reason why meditators are stereotyped as bliss bunnies. Gratitude is like going to the mental gym; strength training for your neural pathways, if you will. I am excited to be a part of a fantastic giveaway that supports an AWESOME cause that's near and dear to my heart with my fellow blogging friend Kerry over at KerryingOn. As a rescue dog mama, I am a huge advocate for standing up for pups in need because my own have enriched my life so much. Each module builds upon the previous day’s training, to guide you through the program.
Take it from Oprah, who says that starting a gratitude journal and writing down five things a day for which she's grateful has been the single most powerful decision she's ever made. When we take the time to ask what we are grateful for, certain neural circuits are activated.

If we're constantly looking at the negative and searching for problems, the neural pathways for negative thinking become stronger. Really think about it, making a conscious effort to find the things that bring you joy (or even just peace of mind).
Meditation is a tool to help us "take out the mental trash." When we meditate, we make room in our headspace by getting rid of old stress.
The video trainings are accessible online, and the 4 guided visualizations can be downloaded to take with you on the go.
Production of dopamine and serotonin increases, and these neurotransmitters then travel neural pathways to the "bliss" center of the brain -- similar to the mechanisms of many antidepressants.
But the more times the path is traveled, the more defined it becomes and the easier it is to follow it. But practicing gratitude can shift our attention to look for what is going right instead of looking for problems to solve. You can keep a journal by your bed and each night take a minute to scan your day for everything that brought a smile to your face. This makes it that much easier to feel gratitude in our everyday lives -- and to rewire our brains so that finding the bliss becomes more instinctual. And over time, the workouts that at first seemed so challenging become easier and easier to do.
I blog to share what inspires me and to encourage others to live a mindfully creative life.

Our global zivaMINDer community is incredibly supportive and active, and will help you feel connected through your meditation journey.
If you're having a tough day and aren't able to come up with anything off the top of your head, that's all the more reason to ask the question. Practicing gratitude, therefore, can be a way to naturally create the same effects of medications and create feelings of contentment. Your brain works the same way: The more times a certain neural pathway is activated (neurons firing together), the less effort it takes to stimulate the pathway the next time (neurons wiring together). Over time, this encourages our brains to more consistently search for the constructive themes in our life instead of the destructive ones, helping us water the flowers instead of watering the weeds. If you already have a meditation practice, you can use the few minutes after your practice as a time for gratitude. The New York Times recently referenced a scientific study that found that even if you aren't able to think of anything to be grateful for, simply asking the question is powerful enough to change your brain chemistry.
Another option is to get an accountability partner and do a five-minute check-in each week and read your lists to each other.

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