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BSA gun safes are constructed in accordance with the British Standard from 2mm thick, rolled steel and the door secured via highly saw resistant, rotating bolts. Arms Advocate put this out a couple months ago and I thought it might interest some of you. As you can see there is additional room on the wall for additional storage or mounting considerations — an extra magazine, a flashlight, etc. Here is a picture of the brackets and underside of the picture without rifle mounted, and another look at the final result below. Vault style, multi-point, seven lever locking is featured throughout the range, along with single key security and anti-crowbar interlocking hinges.

One headache to avoid is realizing that no bracket will work unless it is sunken [sic] into the picture frame. If you mounted the flag and the rifle brackets high just slightly higher on the wall; children should not be a problem.
Print off a copy of the picture and hand it to the Home Depot people and they can help you.. The finish of your guns are fully protected by a hi-density foam barrel retainer, shaped for side by side and over under shotguns or rifles. Having the lights illuminate you while retrieving the rifle might not be desirable depending on why you were retrieving it, but I might not be thinking it through.

Three kids and a wife pose a huge threat to secrecy and security, as someone is ALWAYS around. By the time my children were big enough to reach it they were trained enough to only get it for an emergency.
Don’t worry for all you wondering my children are all over 12 and fully understand guns, their roles and how to handle them.

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