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Hey that's a very nice shed not as nice as Nicks, but nice About the r panels the seams always run perpendicular to the ridge.
A Gambrel Shed plans is a specially constructed shed which has two angles instead of just one. These complete #g455 Gambrel 16 x 20 Shed Plans is very affordable for only $9.99 Just simply click the ADD TO BAG button below to purchase this product. I thought this blog was superb and everything that you referenced to was quite relevant to the cause.

According to the metal salesman the panels would run the full length of the roof, but with water sitting up there eventually the screws will leak. Maybe some of the well seasoned guys will have some knowledge they can spread around on this. Also i really doubt the foam closure strips will keep the rain out as the salesman suggested.
This is typical shed which deviates from other shed designs especially when it comes to the roof.

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