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A graphic design professor at BYU Idaho, Franson introduced our magnetic wooden blocks to his BFA students as a case study in design thinking. Your message has been sent.We’ll get back to you as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours). Wooden ships International Yacht Brokers has been established for nearly 30 years and specialises in the brokerage of classic and traditional sailing and motor yachts.  The business is run by father and son team Peter and Richard Gregson who together bring knowledge and experience from a vast number of different areas within the boating world. We like to think that if we don’t know the answer to your boating question, then we certainly know someone who does! A tough Scottish boarding school education followed by an Arts degree at St Andrews is a good start to dealing with most things in life. Meeting hundreds of boat owners over the past 30 years gives one a good insight into what people want from their boating activity and enables one to guide newcomers to the sport as well as helping experienced yachtsmen and women to find the right boat. Inspecting thousands of yachts, large and small, project and perfect and working with some wonderful craftsmen gives one a very clear idea of the strengths and weaknesses of traditional boats but it is the people and some wonderful friendships that give us the greatest satisfaction confirming the yacht broker's motto - the two happiest days of a yachtsman's life are the day he buys and the day he sells. After leaving the ship I went to university in Cardiff and gained a degree in Marine Geography.  During this time I had another period onboard Activ as mate to bring her back home from Nova Scotia to Denmark.

In the years after university, I spent time gaining sailing qualifications, including Yachtmaster Instructor, and doing a number of different jobs, all revolving around boats. In 2009 I skippered a 14m steel charter yacht from England to the Caribbean and back, taking in all the northern islands from Antigua to Cuba.  This was fantastic fun and also a superb experience to take charge of my own vessel on 2 trans-Atlantic voyages, learning to manage the vessel and, more importantly, the crew. The next expedition for 'Activ' is currently being planned, involving the North East Passage, the Pacific and possibly Cape Horn. I like to get away to sea as much as I can, either with deliveries of yachts we have sold through the brokerage, or skippering the Westcountry trading ketch 'Bessie Ellen'.
Recently, one student Brant Day sat down with his teacher to explore the simple and curious world of Tegu Blocks (they even constructed a series of gravity-defying towers).
At first everyone’s always like “Oh…blocks” […] You make that [Scott makes a horse] and then all the kids are like WOAH! I came to sailing rather late after a few years with an international tourist company with the purchase in Ibiza of a 150 ton wooden Spannish trading schooner, rigged and fitted her out in Dartmouth, worked the ship for a few years in film and TV before moving on to refitting a Le Havre pilot cutter, building a series of clinker dinghies and finally settling ashore to start a yacht brokerage in 1979. This Screen Panel features designs and styled while polished in gold color palette adding extra depth and elegance to your home decor.

The order total must be $100 after all discounts, promotions, gift certificates, and cash vouchers. Then they’re super excited about playing with them and build thing after thing after thing.
Living by the Salcombe Estuary, our two boys, Richard and Marcus grew up with boats and the water, Marcus to join the Royal Marines after a marine engineering degree in Falmouth and Richard to take to the sea as he describes below and now to bring his expertise and experience to join me in the business. This Screen Panel is short in height that can efficiently fill up boring and open windows of your home. Screen Panel can be nailed near the windows of bedrooms, guest rooms and similar other places.
In addition, this Screen Panel can be suggested to those in search of similar product else can be gifted to near and dear ones.

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