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Available for: Honda, BMW, Kawasaki, KTM, Harley Davidson, Suzuki, Yamaha, Triumph, Aprilla, and Ducati. If you’re ordering outside of the continental United States, please call us so we can work out shipping costs! If you’re looking to purchase a bicycle rack for your Harley Davidson, please click here. I had a 883 sportster for a hanker time and found it just takes a little more time trying to catch sight of parts for the long hauls.
I got a citation at the University of Houston for parking at a bike rack with my 50 cc scooter. Silvia Valentini, 54, of Switzerland, sorted through a clearance rack of colorful blouses, draping several over her arm, while hundreds of other customers checked out the vast assortment of motorcycles, accessories and apparel. Not every rider buys into the lone-wolf stereotype the general public associates with motorcyclists. A big "fuck you" to the motorcycle parked in the normal parking spot I thought was open this morning. Motherwell Products USA is proud to introduce the addition of a new solo luggage rack to its extensive line of signature motorcycle luggage racks designed specifically to fit the Harley-Davidson Softail Slim model. Silvia Valentini, 54, of Switzerland, sorted threw a clearance rack of colorful blouses, draping several over her arm, while hundreds of other customers checked out the vast assortment of motorcycles, accessories and apparel.
For years, those with motorcycles and bicycles in their garage were forced to ride one or the other, and if the bicycle was chosen and the riding destination was far away it meant leaving the more efficient and fun to ride motorcycle for the bicycle carrying capacity of a car or truck.
With the general motorcycle riding public forced to manufacture their own racks in the confines of their homes with limited manufacturing equipment, it was only a matter of time before the first commercial racks hit the streets.
Fast forward a few years to 2006, which is when James Ginther started making racks in his garage for friends and later launched Johnny Rack, Inc.
The big news here, is that while Johnny Rack’s first iteration was more or less a way to mount a Yakima Boa (purchased separately) to your motorcycle including a way to hold the front wheel, Johnny Rack is very close to releasing the next generation, Johnny Rack G2! On the drawing on the left, the rear wheel adapter is installed while it is obviously not on the right. While both racks will carry a bike, between the Johnny Rack and 2×2, there are some pretty fundamental differences. The other glaring difference between the two racks, is the method by which they support the rest of the bicycle aside from the fork clamps.
2×2 however, instead of supporting the down tube, uses a sort of pocket that you use to hold the bicycle up by its non drive side crank. The 2×2 rack is currently available for Honda, BMW, Kawasaki, KTM, Harley Davidson, Suzuki, Yamaha, Triumph, Aprilla, and Ducati motorcycles. Cuz at the Warp speeds he’s going to be travelling on that scooter, Shane obviously needs to worry about how loos his bike is attached.
Want to Contribute?We’re always looking for enthusiastic, positive and talented writers that know their way around both a bicycle and sentence structure. With several of us also being fans (or wanting to as midlife approaches, anyway) of motorized two wheel transportation alongside our bicycles, finding ways to combine the two always catches our eyes. The 2×2 Cycles motorcycle bike rack runs just $298 and works with standard QR and 15mm thru front axles, and they can adapt it to fit fat bike and Lefty front axles, too. Banjo Brothers had an assortment of bike packing, touring and commuter bags alongside a few new backpacks. The Aerobar Edge is a GPS tracking device connected to a pressure sensor that fits under the elbow pad on a set of aero bars.

The result is a dataset showing how long you were in the aero position, where, when and what the resulting speed, cadence, power and other outputs were during those times.
Another gadget aimed at triathletes and swimmers (or just the excessively sweaty) is the Garmin HRM-Swim (blue, $99) heart rate strap made of a waterproof, non-slip material.
Both store up to 20 hours of HR and sync with a compatible Garmin watch or cycling computer once you’re out of the water.
Since 4iiii started shipping their tiny power meter in January, they’ve made software updates that improved accuracy and battery life, all of which are free OTA updates for owners.
With a similar sounding name, 4id was on hand at Interbike showing off their glowing Power Wrapz for cyclists, runners or anyone else looking for a unique way to add more visibility. The bands themselves aren’t stretchy, but they come with stretch straps to hook them to your handlebar, seatpost, backpack, helmet, or whatever.
Interlock debuted their seatpost cable lock in 2013, and now they’ve got a handlebar with a massive integrated U-lock. Designed not just to let you fit it around almost any common street pole or bike rack, the lock also makes riding your bike without it a dicey proposition…particularly in a frantic escape if you catch them in the act. If locks aren’t protection enough, you can always find a menacing looking robot made out of bike parts to scare folks off. I have a friend who used to turn up to 12hr marathon races with his bike strapped to the back of his ZX1100. They both have two wheels but the fun you get is so much different: bicycles and motorbikes.
After installing the holding piece, the front wheel of the bike must be removed and it will be carried after loading it in a special piece. Our unique, patented 2X2 Cycles Bicycle Rack gives you the freedom to safely and securely attach your road bike or mountain bike to your motorcycle!
We do not have an automated international shipping option through the site due to widely varying shipping rates.
It is for these exact reasons, that individuals began searching for a means to carry a bicycle on the back of a motorcycle in a safe, effective, and easy to use way, which in turn, gave rise to the various home brew motorcycle bike racks. The earliest example we were able to find, was the Cycle By-Cycle Carrier that was the brain child of Mark Schuette and were all hand made out of Oregon. Also the two drawings illustrate the G2’s ability to adjust the position of the entire rack on the motorcycle, with the rack on the left far forward on the motorcycle, and the rack on the right pushed far back. The metal pocket is lined with a rubber coating to prevent damage to the crate, and one the crank is in place, a quick release is installed, which prevents the crank from pulling out as the QR hits the pedal. This rack from 2×2 Cycles lets you take along a couple bikes, a skateboard and your bags. By comparing one ride to another, you can see how much more efficient you are in the aero position, and when it makes more sense to get out of it.
The black HRM-Tri ($129) is similar, but with a softer band and a sensor that also tracks running dynamics like cadence, vertical oscillation and ground contact time.
At 320g it’s not the lightest helmet out there, but pretty good for a full shell piece with padding, three-way adjustable rear retention mech and extended protection behind the ears. I have their small frame bag and two of their backpacks (Metro and the large waterproof one). And because some bikers would still love to ride their bicycles in the many places they might reach on their bikes, motorcyclist and bike enthusiast Garrett Blake invented the 2x2 Motorcycle Bicycle Rack.
The 2x2 Motorcycle Bicycle Rack is a simple implement easy to install on pretty much any bike on the base plate for the topcase and it will not need altering or other any sort of permanent modifications.

Load the bike on the holding plate, have everything secured with a strap over the bicycle's handlebar pipe, verify that all is well fastened, and hit the road.
Your asking about touring racks for a 883 - its not a touring bike or one that most dont go touring on.
While the thought of a bicycle attached to a motorcycle may conjure up some strange images in your head, it really isn’t all that hard to understand, especially due to the fact that a lot of us out there seem to have a love for all things two wheeled, not just bicycles. Even without any exact dates, it is pretty clear that this was most likely the first attempt at a commercial motorcycle bicycle rack. Johnny Rack went on to be one of the best selling (perhaps only) motorcycle bicycle racks with their first Generation which was basically a sub frame that housed a Yakima Boa, and supported the bike on the downtube. While the G2 will still support the bicycle from the downtube, the fork mount is now integrated into the rack (no more Boa), and the G2 will have the ability to add on an adjustable rear wheel holder to shorten the load, and make the whole unit more compact. 2×2 utilizes a plate that is clamped around the factory luggage rack on the motorcycle, which will potentially allow for wider range of fit. James claims that even without the rubber strap in place, the bicycle will not bounce out of its cradle, and that the entire system has already been tested on hundreds of miles of rough dirt and gravel roads. Currently the 2×2 only has the option of holding front wheel, but like the Johnny rack it is prevented from spinning once it is secured as spinning wheels causing a gyroscopic effect on the back of a motorcycle would be a very bad thing.
I got some 48″ round bars off ebay and cut them to match the width of th trailer lid. Modified a sissu bar rack to hang my cycle by the seat tube, balances fine on its own but needs bungeys to secure. The trick feature is that they zip together to form larger packs, and carry handles snap between them to make it manageable when carrying two, three, four or more. They might be offering new crank arms with it pre-installed in the future since they had a public beta program that offered them already, and they say they’re working on a few new products for the near future. For those interested, I posted a first print blog on the 2x2 Cycles Motorcycle Bike Rack over on the Dirt Rag site. The add on rear wheel holder will also be sold with a chain tensioning device so the chain isn’t just flopping in the wind.
Motorcycles carrying Bicycles Yes scads an avid motorcyclist and bicyclist has had this same idea.
The one concern I have is the amount of force off the back of the bike and the long term stress from the torsional weight of the bicycle worrying to pull up the Bike Rack Motorcycle.
While the connection is no doubt stronger, this also means that different motorcycles will need specialized Johnny Racks, which they are offering for 8 different motorcycles initially. The decision to act was inexorably motivated by my friend Paul who also has a V-Strom and also wanted a bike transmitter. Keep in mind though, that it was worded as such, only in the press release, and 2×2 does not make those claims on their website. Gifts to carry 2 bikes maintain the use of our side cases take up the cudgels for use of top.

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