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Dave Hirschman and Laurel Woodworth are serious about their work with the Center for Watershed Protection, a national nonprofit with a mission to clean up and care for waterways in Virginia and beyond. CWP has also stepped up efforts to combat what are known as “illicit discharges”—pollution that comes from leaking pipes, sewer lines, or other hidden sources in the landscape.
Having such dedicated professionals working on water quality issues helps everyone, said Scott Crafton, the Special Projects Coordinator within the division of Stormwater Management at the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation.
When you have visitors in town, what's the first thing you show them or first activity you do?
One local woman proved that age is only a number when she auditioned for the New Orleans Saints’ official cheerleading team, the Saintsations, April 17.
City Manager Maurice Jones announced Lexington Police Chief Al Thomas as his pick to head the Charlottesville Police Department, and City Council approved Thomas, who is the city’s first black police chief, April 18.
Local craft brewery Devils Backbone announced on social media it was being sold to Anheuser-Busch InBev at 10:35am on April 12. City Council heard from around three dozen people at its marathon five-hour April 18 hearing on the statue of General Robert E. In an effort to “Save Lee Park,” the Virginia Flaggers hosted an April 18 rally in front of the park’s General Robert E.
Lava Records founder Jason Flom could be the most successful recording executive of this era. Forest Lakes resident Thomas Andrew Eagleson will remain in jail after his attorney, Rhonda Quagliana, told the judge in Albemarle General District Court this morning her client would not be seeking bond at this time.
While Charlottesville debates a petition to remove the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Ahead of urban trends UVA professor William Lucy, 77, who predicted the young and the empty nesters would flock to cities, and who found that the suburbs could be more deadly than inner cities, died April 7.
Thomas Andrew Eagleson, 45, was denied bond April 12 after being charged with two felony counts of unlawful filming of a juvenile and three misdemeanor counts of unlawful filming of adults. By: Liz Aivazis Savvy Rest Natural Bedroom sponsored the Blue Ridge Home Builders Association Home Show at the John Paul Jones Arena this past weekend. Bryan Silva, the 25-year-old social media celebrity jailed after a January 3 SWAT standoff, pleaded guilty April 11 to brandishing and possessing a firearm. The 25-year-old social media celebrity charged with abducting his girlfriend and brandishing and possessing a firearm while being a convicted felon is set to enter a guilty plea April 11 at 1pm in Charlottesville Circuit Court, according to the court docket.
In UVA former associate dean Nicole Eramo’s ongoing lawsuit with Rolling Stone, Judge Glen Conrad ruled Monday that Jackie’s request to prevent her deposition would be denied and she is scheduled for at least seven hours of depositions today.
Amid the firestorm North Carolina ignited March 23 with its bathroom laws and a Virginia court case that will determine which restroom a Gloucester teen can use, a daylong transgender symposium to provide education for health care providers will take place in Charlottesville April 27. Four Acres, the estate on Rugby Road that went on the market last week, may haul in the heftiest amount of any home in the history of Charlottesville.
Ryan Williamson and Laurel Woodworth keep the garden going year-round: Between trees, shrubbery, perennial vegetables, and annual plants, there’s hardly a month when something isn’t growing.
Ryan Williamson and Laurel Woodworth’s Albemarle property spans 19.3 acres, with room for beekeeping, mushroom logs, and 450 square feet of raised beds. The gardens around the home of Ryan Williamson and Laurel Woodworth are a bit different than your average backyard setup—food can be found almost any month of the year. Williamson and Woodworth’s work and life are connected to the seasonal production of the garden as well—Woodworth works at a local watershed protection organization and Williamson sews polar fleece hats by hand and sells them at craft shows throughout much of the fall and winter. According to the National Gardening Association, home gardens expanded 40 percent between 2007 and 2009, so when Williamson established the initial gardens around the couple’s home near Free Union in 2006, he was part of a growing national trend. After Woodworth joined him on their homestead, the two significantly expanded the annual gardens and perennial plantings to include a few hundred asparagus plants, garlic, and lots of other vegetables.

In recent years, Williamson and Woodworth have started keeping bees—they now have 45 bee hives, and sell honey and bees, as well as mushroom logs.
Festival       Fridays After Five Enjoy the weather, tunes from local jam band Kendall Street Company and eats from numerous area food trucks. Drinking 12 cocktails over the course of six days is a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it. Charlottesville may be a couple hours away from the nearest ocean, but luckily that doesn’t stop seafood from making its way into the hands of capable fishmongers here in the mountains. Festival       Charlottesville Dogwood Festival carnival opening  Bring the whole family to the first night of the carnival at this 67th annual event. Tom Tom prepares for edible events  Tom Tom Founders Festival is just around the corner, April 11-17, and as the annual festival continues to grow, so does the list of food-and-booze-related activities. Chef-owned establishments aside, the executive chef position at Clifton Inn may be the peak of Charlottesville’s culinary ladder. Nonprofit Friends of the Library book sale Leaf through thousands of books and other media at the 51st annual spring book sale to benefit the special programs and projects of Jefferson-Madison Regional Library. City Market returns, and other food and drink news Spring has finally sprung, and on Saturdays in Charlottesville, that means only one thing: The City Market is back. Even in the gyms where the machines are equipped with TVs and iPhone jacks, it’s easy to get bored on the treadmill after a few miles—or a few minutes. Nonprofit Charlottesville Mini Maker Faire See the newest local innovations at this expo that features entrepreneurial ingenuity as tech experts, crafters, scientists and homesteaders show off their latest projects. Spice Diva moves next door to expand selection  The lights are out and the doors are closed at The Spice Diva’s original Main Street Market location, but don’t panic.
Nonprofit Ash Lawn Opera Spring Gala Enjoy dinner, drinks, a silent auction and a performance by baritone Aleksey Bogdanov and soprano Rebecca Nathanson. La Flor Michoacana ice cream shop serves up authentic Mexican sweets Mango and chili pepper may not be the first flavor combo that comes to mind when you’re deciding on dessert. Since the dawn of civilization, brewers and winemakers have flavored beverages with herbs, resins, honeys, fruits, meats, barks and spices. The Local owners announce plans to overhaul Belmont BBQ The bad news is, Belmont BBQ has officially closed. If you’re like me, you love the taste of a freshly toasted bagel with a dollop of cream cheese spread thinly across, melting into the porous openings. NOTICE: The State University of Iowa Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization soliciting tax-deductible private contributions for the benefit of The University of Iowa. Hirschman, the director of CWP’s Charlottesville office, and Woodward, a watershed planner there, once pulled out a harmonica and spoons during a conference in California for a bluesy jam—about water quality, naturally. CWP was hired by the City of Charlottesville back in 2008 to conduct a map and field study that analyzed the local watershed and then examined how to slow down and filter stormwater runoff on school grounds, in parks, and on other publicly owned lands. Unlike stormwater, which pours into the sewer system only when it rains, leaky pipes are a steady source of pollution, so they’re important to track down.
The UVA graduate spent more than a month this spring and summer tracing Virginia rivers and streams by foot and kayak on a 400-mile trek from the state’s western mountains to the Atlantic.
By noon, the court of public opinion had tried and convicted the Nelson County company of selling out. Jackie Former UVA dean Nicole Eramo fought for months to get discredited “A Rape on Campus” source Jackie deposed for her defamation suit against Rolling Stone. But it was his other great passion—for justice—that packed the Paramount at the Tom Tom Festival Founders Summit April 15.
The couple derives much of their diet from the land they live on, and can a lot of the produce from the garden.

He cleared several acres of pine plantation to make room for both the studio-home and extensive plantings, slowly improving soil health by adding compost, manure, and leaves to increase the soil’s organic matter and create about 450 square feet of raised beds. At the same time, they planted several diverse plants, including hardy kiwi, dozens of blueberries and figs, strawberries, cherries, mulberries, chestnuts, heartnuts, currants, and gooseberries. Currently, Williamson’s sister Rachel runs Fairweather Farm in Afton, where she grows specialty teas, spice mixes, and makes tulip poplar bark baskets. And we love Charlottesville, where there’s more than 400 places (we counted) to satisfy a craving. The Norway native worked for a wine importer and distributor in New York after college, and before he began distilling for a living, he dabbled in making moonshine and whiskey in his own kitchen. Between the summers of my third and fourth years, I landed a summer internship that would change my life.
In the restaurant’s 24-year history, seven chefs have worn the honor, and several went on to own top eateries such as C&O and Maya. In ancient Egypt, figs and honey helped jumpstart fermentations in amphorae, while chamomile and other herbs flavored the various wines. The good news is, it won’t be too long before the space once again emits aromas of hickory-smoked meats into the neighborhood. Along with employees in Richmond and Leesburg, they keep tabs on state-level policy, help local governments interpret and implement federal and state stormwater management regulations, and develop scientific publications and manuals on everything from restoring urban streams to the impacts of impervious surfaces on runoff. They worked in the field to identify problem sites, and mapped out solutions, from a man-made wetland in Azalea Park to a rainwater harvesting system at Charlottesville High School. Friends and coworkers from CWP were there to meet her with a toast when her journey ended near Accomac on the Eastern Shore. Are you hungry to know the Holy Spirit more intimately and to see the supernatural signs and wonders of God at work today? He started planting peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, peas, and lots of melons—enough to can tomato sauce, pickles, and dilly beans.
Additionally, they installed a rain garden planted with cranberries (to absorb overflow rainwater from the roof). Williamson and Woodworth’s gardens are similar to permaculture-style planting, which is a system of ecological design modeled on nature. The project ultimately grew to include a number of agencies, including the city, the Rivanna River Basin Commission, and later UVA. Open this treasure of anointed messages and let these powerful words stir your spirit and fire your soul. Lots of other plants followed in the subsequent years, including figs, flowers, thornless blackberries, and apple and pear trees that Williamson grafted by hand.
They grow several hundred pounds of garlic and mushrooms, which they occasionally sell to area restaurants and at the farmer’s market. Permaculture gardens frequently include perennial vegetables, multilayered fruit trees, shrubs, and vines, and other garden systems integrated with building soil health and storing water on the site to create diverse, productive, and integrated garden systems.
Holy Ghost Sermons is a dynamic collection of life-transforming sermons preached by turn-of-the-century evangelist Maria Woodworth-Etter. These powerful messages are as relevant today as they were during the revivals of the early 1900's! Using lots of mulch, planting cover crops, and installing drip irrigation to provide efficient and consistent water for the gardens.

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