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You can order either the Cabbage Hill 4' Porch Swing, Wine Country or Gingko Leaf Porch Swing with the frame. This picture shows the construction of the top beam placement and the way we secured the top beam to the legs. The Fantails Double Swing Seat only as shown in photo but without the frame  - If you have your own frame or hanging position the seat section can be ordered separately.

Fantails will not take responsibility for the failure of any structure used to hang Fantails Swing Seats other than that supplied by Fantails. Swing Frames and Swing Sets For All Swing Attachments - Get One For Your Kids Outdoor Backyard Today! To see the Wine Country and Gingko Leaf style swing, please see the picture located in this section.

All we require is the height from the underside of your hanging position to the ground and we will make the ropes the correct length for that situation.

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