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Just about every reality show on TV is fake these days, everything from Operation Repo to Lizard Lick Towing! But finally a TV show comes across the air that is not only educational, but super fun to watch!
You know I always wanted a treehouse when I was younger, I never really had the skill to build one, and my dad probably would never let me even if we had the money. To get a glimpse of some of the treehouses Pete Nelson and his crew built, check out these neat photos I posted in the article.
And that’s not it, the show is not only creative, but Pete and his crew of carpenters are funny and enjoyable to watch.
I’ve always enjoyed watching shows such as American Chopper and Hardcore Pawn, but it comes to a point where I stopped watching those shows all together. Because the chief be told, you must be a skilled carpenter and have deep pockets to build a qualifying treehouse like the ones Pete builds in his show.

These tree houses are what dreams are made of, some of these are twice the size in my apartment! Pete Nelson and his team of carpenters from Nelson Treehouse and Supply, created treehouses that you would think could only be found in dreams. I’ve always thought that most carpenters have big egos, but Pete is definitely not this type of guy.
Maybe a lot of people like watching drama and stressful stuff on TV, but I tell you what, I don’t! Sure the final product is viewed beautiful and alluring, but most women don’t find shows like this entertaining. Once finalized, these treehouse is not only look spectacular, but they house all types of technology that you think wouldn’t in be in a standard tree house. He is courteous and very kind to his customers, which in return makes for some pleasant television to watch.

I like watching TV shows that are relaxing and enjoyable, better yet, very educational to watch as well. I’ve seen so many crappy treehouses in my lifetime, for one thing they can be very unsafe, and another lower the price value of your home.
What type of technology in my talking about: big flatscreen TVs, air-conditioning, stoves, bathrooms, hot tubs, etc… Basically anything you want, if you got the money, Pete Nelson will build it for you!

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