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The farmhouse table is just one of many projects that showcases Ana’s do-it-yourself design, versus the retail concept, in a favorable light. The Laundress Signature DetergentThe Laundress is an eco-chic line of specialty detergents and fabric care committed to being green for you, your clothing, and the environment. This table was also featured in Country Living Magazine!  Built by Michael and Emily Knotts! WOWZUHS!!!!!I just stumbled upon your blog via Shabby Nest and I am in l-O-V-E with your blog!!! You could give the appearance of a thicker top by adding a 1x2 or 2x2 border under the edges of the top.  It might also help support the breadboard ends better. Thanks for the idea.  Funny thing is that I've done that before on a bookshelf I made out of old dresser drawers but I didn't think to try it here.  Might look into that! This table is made of unfinished, solid reclaimed pine timbers from 100 year old buildings in Great Britain with distinctive nicks and imperfections. Made of yellow pine and fir wood that was distressed using random things found in the garage.
Here is a link to very detailed plans on how to make the farmhouse style dining table and bench.

The Nestlette simply makes nesting more than a phase and reinvents the traditional housewife label to be more than picket fences and wedded bliss. Use the longest possible screws, and predrill with a countersink bit to hide the screw heads. If you do not know how to notch out boards, watch me notch the boards out for my table in my HOW-TO section. Make sure you use 2 screws on the inside leg and 2 screws on the outside legs per side of the end supports. Then screw from the underside of the overhang support, board G, into the underside of the breadboard end. Screw the center board in place on the ends through the top, predrilled and marked in step 15. As you screw each board down, take special care to line up the edges with the existing boards. Well, Ana White makes it possible to DIY with her simple plans which she so kindly shares with us for free. Also, screw through the inside leg into the outside leg to keep your screw holes on the inside.

NOTE: If you would like the support to be on the outside, rotate the legs, keeping the inside legs on the inside, and add 4? to your stretcher, D.
Then from the underside of the table, screw through the tabletop supports, I, into the underside of the tabletop boards, K.
I bought new office chairs and now I`m thinking of buying similar chairs for my livingroom. This will reduce your leg room for end chairs, but the notch out will be more visible, like my table and the Restoration Hardware table. Remember to screw through the top on the ends and then screw through the bottomof the under supports to the underside of the tabletop boards.

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