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One more idea - add 2 bottom stretchers (from step 5)to each sawhorse and use the stretchers as a shelf.
It would be difficult to add height to the plan by just making the boards longer because the bottom shelf would be higher and the leg spread would be wider. Looking at your photos, since you did two stretchers at the bottom, it appears you used two 2x4's instead of a one 2x6. I built these this morning in about 3 hours with the help of an almost-6-year-old and a 7-year-old. I found it much easier to build the legs first (flat on the floor), then attach both sets of legs to the top, then attach stretchers.
I cut a scrap piece of 2x2 6 inches long to help me get the legs lined up properly (6 inches up, legs spread 20 inches). PDF versionAdditional PhotosAbout This Project I used Ana's sawhorse plans and painted the sawhorses black.

PDF versionAdditional PhotosAbout This Project This is my very first build and the plans came from Ana White. I have been eyeing this table for a while, but since I've never built anything I figured I'd never be able to make this.
I am going to add a piece of 24 x 24 sheet metal to the top of it to serve as a smooth flat area to write on. I got about half way through the first and decided to just turn it into a double work station. Lucky me I have a couple extra pieces left over from the plank dining table that are long enough to work.
The top looks very thick and chunky, but is mostly made from cheap 1x6 boards put together with glue and pocket holes. I didn’t have any 1 x 3?s on hand so I ripped several 2 x 4?s down to 1 x 3 which is where I came up with the 1 x 2?s that are running across the top.

Originally a grand design for your workshop, they could be transported easily and set up as a workbench. Although this is consider a beginners skill level, this is not a walk in the park, especially if working on your own. I’m working on imagineering a chair to go with it, I will post pictures of that as well when I get it put together. Somewhere in there somebody thought, WOW, I could also eat off of that work table, hot dog, now we're talking! In between spending time with family, playing with my kids, and Walking Dead marathon, I am pleased with how fast I was able to finish this project.

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