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This is a gorgeous American antique S top childs roll top desk that is made out of oak and dates from 1910.
AnswerAnn - Without a maker's mark there is no way to tell who made the desk but the California provenance is iffy at best.
ExpertiseI will attempt to answer questions about American antique furniture, including construction details, style, period, manufacturers, care, repair and storage. Rolltops hit a peak of popularity inthe 1990's, and have had a decline in values since that time.

While it looked beautiful at that point, the 2 front panels just seemed to need a little extra "something" to add more character to the desk. Visit the Knick of Time blog to see up close photos of what I added inside those panels to give it 1800's style! I do not have any background in appliances, musical instruments, sewing machines, trunks, lighting, clocks or children's and baby furniture and will not respond to questions about those items.ExperienceI ran an antique furniture restoration business for twenty years. Although many high grade wood examples, made of mahogany, walnut or cherry were made earlier than that, the style of your desk looks early 20th century.

I am a nationally syndicated columnist on the subject of antique furniture for such publications as Antique Week and New England Antiques Journal. I have produced one video on the subject of furniture identification and my book "HOW TO BE A FURNITURE DETECTIVE" is now available.I have also published articles in Antique Trader, Chicago Art Deco Society, Northeast Magazine, Victorian Decorating and Lifestyles, Professional Refinishing, Antiques and Art Around Florida and Antique Shoppe.

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