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Numerous Architects & Designers, unique private clients and even professional carpenters, learn from the first moment to estimate the quality of materials, the details and finish levels without compromise and without competition that is so distinguished and characteristic in the artifacts produced at the workshop. All the works and tasks are made with manual care and natural materials, a fact that is easily noted with a  slight touch at the final product, or even just a glance.
Golden Stone Carpentry provides quality interior and exterior finish work utilizing the beauty and perfection of wood, precision joinery, artistic creativity, waste reduction, and reliable craftsmanship.
With a carpentry and joinery background, artistic approach and a flair for construction, Turkcon Construction has become a leader in the premium residential market, successfully completing over 20 homes and developments over the past 10 years. Eddie Turk (the founder of Turkcon) is hands on and is still very involved in the every day running of a construction site, as to ensure quality control and completion of your project on time therefore doing his utmost to keep every client happy. I visited my house during its construction on a daily basis, to see a builder who was in control of the building process - from the subcontracts to the program and budget.

As an individual, I would use the following words to describe Turkcon Construction - integrity, honest, genuine and reasonable. By installing a Velux you can give a new lease of life to a windowless area of your property with minimal disturbance.
If you decide to go for a complete loft conversion you can tranform your tired attic space into a fantastic, illuminated family space or even an additional bedroom with en-suite.
The stairs for this particualr loft conversion had the additional advantage of neat storage. On seeing the loft stairs the customer was so pleased she asked me to upgrade the main flight to match.
The Golden Stonefly is an aquatic insect that hatches along streams of the Pacific Northwest.

Eddie Turk managed the project with precision, and understood the details with minimal explanation.
During the building process Eddie was forthcoming in suggestions and improvements, many of which were incorporated.

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