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Opening up our box, there was loads included, as well as the house itself there is 20 accessories too., including a Poppet figure which is pose-able. There is instructions included, which have diagrams of where the different accessories go, but these are very straight forward, and are not complicated at all.
Some of the features of the house…the doors are interchangeable, as are the floorboards. The great thing about this toy from a parents perspective is that the house, and all the contents can be put away neatly, simply lock the house shut and everything is contained.

This is quite a plastic based toy, and at first glance you might not think you get much for your money, but for a Moshi Monster fan this toy provides hours of fun and somewhere to store their moshlings.
Moshi Monsters is a popular toy amongst the age bracket for the age group we are testing for, and my eldest son J who is nearly 10 is no exception to this.
You simply slide the floorboards out and reposition them where you want them, they are dual sided too, so lots of variety. There is 3 sticker sheets included, which means you can decorate your house just how you like. The walls on the right hand side of the house also have slots where you can choose what to put up.

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