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The Yonex ArcSaber Z-Slash Badminton Racket is designed with an ultra slim shaft and head that travels through the air faster than ever, allowing you to create the head speed to get the extra edge in your big shots. The Z-Slash still packs in all of the advanced technology one would expect from a Yonex frame to also assist with the touch game, and comes with the unrivalled Yonex string as standard.Made using the new material and manufacturing process, called the ‘Cup-Stack Carbon Nanotube’ process, this technology is adopted in both sides of the frame in order to give the racket strength and perseverance. This Z-Slash racket is designed to cut through the air with precision and power with the thinner frame helping to accommodate this fantastic feature. Alot of practice is needed before you get used to this racket, probaly due to the new technology built in (CS cap, aerodynamic frame).
The Karakal CBX-3 has been manufactured to high standards and is a tough and durable racket that is ideal for all types of players. Really great little racket for the money perfect for a beginner or someone new to the sport. The adidas P50 Junior offers a 22 x 23 string pattern and is head heavy balanced to provide more stability, power and spin. This helps you get the most out of every shot, and gives you a great feeling of unstoppable power. The Cup-Stack carbon frame design serves to make this racket more responsive and gives you the very best in power under control.Yonex badminton rackets are used by many of the top players in the World including recent International tournament winners Lin Dan (China), Lee Chong Wei (Malaysia), Peter Gade (Denmark), Rob Blair (GBR), Choo Wong (Malaysia) and Dae Lee (Korea).

Once you do get used to it though it is a perfect all round racket, lethal with power and quick with net shots. The racket has a string pattern of 22 x 23 and is head heavy balanced for more power, stability and spin. Featuring the Isometric head, thanks to which the main string length is increased resulting in bigger sweet spot, the racket generates more power and is perfect for advanced players. It has an isometric head shape to ensure a bigger sweet spot and more accuracy on off centre hits.
It comes strung with a standard string and is perfect for the youngsters who want to develop their skills.
The racket combined with Anti-Torsion technology, Carbon construction, Carlton Flex System™ and medium stiff shaft to provided superior power whilst retaining control. The racket played much better compared to the low quality racket my friend got from big-5 or sports authority which they paid over $30. Additionally, this 670mm (26.4”) long racket provides medium flexibility and is strung with the X-elerate X67 string, which combined with the Pro grip, makes it ideal for the offensive player.
The racket offers a two piece construction and is fitted with the World's No.1 PU super grip.

The racket has an isometric head shape resulting in a bigger sweet spot and more accuracy even on off-centre hits. The PowerBlade C500 badminton racket provides excellent durability, control and power at an economical price. I have known people after a few weeks to return this racket due to not being not being consistent with shots so before buying get ready to practice, ALOT!
The P80 incorporates the T-joint technology for improved playability and a heat-treated steel shaft for enhanced durability. In addition, it incorporates the Easy Grip technology for improved precision shot making and is ideal for the children aged 7-10.

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