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When choosing the right table leg heights, the decision is really determined by your lifestyle and the type of environment the table will be used in. The table leg height for tables and desks are relatively the same (28”-30”). The difference is in their functions.
As modern technology allows us to store all of our important documents and tools on our computers and cellphones, a need for desk storage is gradually disappearing, and people have begun shopping for more basic desk solutions, such as Table Desks.
Choosing a table leg height seems like a no brainer, until you understand the functions of each leg height and compare them to the space and project at hand. Are you a family of 4 with young kids, a bachelor who enjoys throwing wild parties, or maybe a newlywed couple who just moved into their first place? While they are most commonly used to support a counter top, they have also been used on tables.
It is important to consider all the factors involved in creating a space that fits your lifestyle and room design.

Whatever your current lifestyle is, the height of your table needs to function in accordance with it. In college, I used a counter-height table as a kitchen island for extra prepping space, but many use them for dining purposes as well. However, a traditional table, such as a kitchen table, is most commonly used for prepping, serving, and eating food with multiple people. An advantage for using counter-height legs on a table is that they provide extra leg room for tall people.
Bar-height tables allow guests to stand and socialize while also providing a place to put their drink and food. If you have a small eat-in kitchen, a bar-height table may be the best way to utilize the space. Sometimes it can also be used for doing arts and crafts or helping your children with their homework.

When compared to a standard table-height, a counter-height table also creates an illusion of using less room space. If parties aren’t really “your thing”, bar-height tables are also great for small patios and are perfect as a dining table for small eat-in kitchens.
Their tall, narrow design gives an illusion of added room height, while only using a few feet of space.

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