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I could do pocket French doors on the doorway that I’ll be building between the entryway and the music room.
I definitely like the tubular kind better for my house because it has a cleaner, less industrial look.  So I priced them out for the size I would need. So my search continued, and I finally came across this DIY rolling door from Crisp Interiors, featured in Country Living.
This is a galvanized malleable iron tee, and you can find it right there by the conduit and all of the fittings that go with conduit in the hardware store.
Once I found my solution, I could not get in my car and drive to Home Depot fast enough to see for myself if my idea would work.  And I do believe it will. I considered this option for my house, but I had the same concern as above about the double sliding doors swinging out at the bottom, especially with small kids in the house. I’ve looked at sooooo many pictures of sliding doors over the last few days, and the ones with glass are my favorite. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore  et dolore magna aliqua. The Design Team at Dayoris designs the finest custom furniture available in modern design for the Miami area.. How many times have your envisioned having lots of closet space so that you can have uncluttered.. Expanding on our rich tradition of custom doors that fuse sophisticated style and modern design..

DAYORIS DOORS is a custom interior door manufacturer headquartered in Miami Gardens, Florida. In serving these prestigious locations, we are able to anticipate our clients requests for the highest quality.. LOL I am excited to see how this turns out and I love your idea of using doors you already have. I just wonder if the sound of the iron tees moving along the conduit wouldn’t be quite irritating.
Carla THANK YOU so much for posting the link to the tutorial for a lightweight version of the sliding barn doors. Seems like you’d be able to just push on the doors when closed and they would swing., Love the look though! I was also thinking about the bottom of the doors swinging out, and I think if you use fixed wheels (and not the kind that roll around) that are mounted so that they roll in only two directions (left and right), that will solve the problem. Is there enough room on either side of the door or will the doors extend into the doorway when open? True I paid a good amount for the hanging hardware, but I got the doors for $50 each at auction, and they are 8 ft doors.
I’ve been wanting to do this but the hardware was so expensive that I put idea aside thinking yeah one day. Decorative sliding glass doors are a great way to add interest and design elements, they are have many styles and designs.

Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. You may be surprised at the many choices you have for decorative interior and exterior sliding glass doors today, you may no longer need to decorate your glass sliding doors with curtains or blinds.
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I am so glad your creative sole has something to do while you wait for your supplies to finish the kitchen. LOL But you have a whole lot of people you don’t even know rooting for you every day!

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