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Since the weight of a barn door is distributed over the width of its track, a heavier- or larger-than-usual door can be accommodated. Before deciding on your application, be sure that there is enough wall space available (to the right or left of the door opening) to accommodate the track and the open door. The most industrial-looking version is I-beam, or box rail, hardware, available from such supply sources as the Elmhurst, IL-based vendor McMaster-Carr.
Flat track hardware is simple and unassuming; take for example the product above, with its black enamel finish and vertical bar-style hangers.
Built-in fascia hides door hangers and features an attractive horizontal rib design that can hold paint.

Steel components are made from durable 14 - 16 gauge steel and zinc dichromate plated for corrosion resistance and quality appearance. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Whisper-quiet ball-bearing rollers combined with the sophistication of stainless steel for a sleek, elegant rolling door.
This stainless steel rolling door hardware is one of those products that you have to touch and feel to truly appreciate.
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Rather than hang on vertical hinges and swing open, they go on horizontal tracks and roll open, remaining relatively flat against adjoining walls.

Standard track lengths are typically about 70 to 94 inches, but custom lengths are also available. A spoked wheel can be chosen for a more down-home look, and some kits even come with a Western horseshoe-shaped hanger. A stainless finish is an easy way to update the look, making it cleaner and lighter than those black finishes that are designed to mimic iron. To qualify as commercial grade, hardware must successfully complete 100,000 opening and closing cycles at the maximum stated weight capacity. From the glassy-smooth ball-bearing action of the roller straps to the heavy, solid extruded track, the quality and careful workmanship are clearly apparent, and will nicely complement the quality of the door you select or build. Rolling door hardware makes a great option where a traditional swinging door would be in the way or where swing clearance is tight.

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