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The rule of thumb for determining the size to use is the band should be about one quarter to one third the width of the gate or door.
Double straps and pins are our best hardware combination for larger field gates, rail gates, and entrance gates.
Double strap hinges sandwich the wood between the straps, virtually locking the corner at 90 degrees square.
Combine our one piece cane bolt with the optional keep for an excellent heavy duty gate latch. If the gate or door is over six feet high then a third hinge should be utilized (one hinge for every three feet of height). Up or down adjustment of the latch end of the gate is quick and easy requiring only a few seconds and a wrench. The odometer shows just 24k miles, but whether mileage really matters when the engine is missing and the body has rust and damage. This really is a toss up for me, as it’s a great year of Chevelle and is well optioned, but the lack of an engine is a problem. While all three are high powered engines, there is a $30k price difference between the 325 and the 375 hp engines, so it would be nice to know what it originally came with.

And I’m going to guess there will be even more rust issues hiding under all the layers of paint. The original color was Tahoe Turquoise, but as you can see, this car is clearly not turquoise or any other shade of blue for that matter.
Take a look at the door jambs and you notice that this car was originally turquoise, than bright red, followed by it’s current maroon.
They seem to be honest about the car though and even made a list of just about every part of the car and what condition it is in (they even made a key with their definition of good, fair and poor conditions!). Fixing it up will be a challenge, but you can build it any way you like and in the end have a sweet ride that you can truly be proud of! Especially ones that require a major infusion of cash to restore them and then not being anywhere worth the investment when finished.
Don’t feel like the good days are in the past and money for toys is just a dream today. Some cars here may be over priced, however, there are also many good deals to be found on this site. Reply • Report roger pence Jan 25, 2016 at 3:58pmIf people keeping the cars are overvalued prices, that is what they are worth!

They might not be worth it to you or me (and this one definitely isn’t), but to a seller the high bar on value is whatever the market will bear! I really have to laugh when people claim original miles on a 5 digit speedo with no other documentation and no motor, more like a SS000. Reply • Report Nessy Jan 25, 2016 at 5:22pm10500 for the body and a rough one as well? Reply • Report Tom Jan 25, 2016 at 6:45pmWe are all singing out of the same song book except I would throw a bet down on 224K miles! When I had a shop and did this for a living, I had many customers who paid me for many reasons. But there really is no price tag you can place on a job well done and the satisfaction of your labors. Even better if you are teaching a kid or getting them interested based on what they see you doing.

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