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This is a Free Tutorial about Microsoft Project 2007 and you find more free tutorials here written by Johan Beijar. As the Project Manager you need to know what to, who should do what, when it should be done, why it should be done, the cost for it and a variaty of other important things. After you have done your Work Breakdown Structure and inserted the tasks into MS Project 2007, you have done your resource-budget and allocation it is time for You to Baseline your project.
Resources: Work, timephased work, cost, timephased cost, budget work, timephased budget work, budget cost and timephased budget cost. A tutorial on how to maintain and assign baseline for Primavera P6 has been published on last week. This tutorial covers how to show primary baseline bar, project baseline bar against the current project status bar as well as progress line.
In case you are facing difficulty in showing baseline bar, then follow the following steps. As discussed before, you won’t be able to see project baseline milestones if project baseline is not in your project.

4.Finally you will get a layout that displayed baseline bars against the current project status. For your easy reference, simply download the sample layout that show baseline bar, progress bar and current project bar in a single Gantt chart. I hope this tutorial would definitely help when you prepare layouts for showing baseline bars, progress line vs current project status. To be able to get control and stay in control you need a Baseline in your project to measure your progress against. You will most likely save the MS project-file a number of times before you have finalised the initial planning and the project is in such shape that you can and should baseline it.
After a baseline is saved, you should be able to see baseline bar against current project bars if your activity layout setting is right. Project team member can view project performance very quickly and easily against the original baseline by reviewing graphical Gantt chart that shows baseline and current project bars.
By displaying progress line to the Gantt chart, current progress status can be reviewed against the baseline quickly without looking at the details.

These tutorials will not guarantee that you will run a successful project or be a great manager but it will increase you possibilities of understanding and work more efficiant with the project management software. If you not do the baseline you have nothing to measure against and in that case no possibility to have total control of your project. And as a manager you need to stay in control.  The baseline is nothing else than a frozen picture of your project at a certain point time. You should only re-baseline when you have major changes in your project such as; delays, overrun of budget or loss of key resources.
The right place in time to do the first baseline is when the initial planning is done and the budget is approved.

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