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All these tools were bought on a need basis as and when I required them for a specific purpose. Purchase the full Basic Workbench and 6 Ways to Beef it up Woodworking Plan, including detailed diagrams and complete material list. These tools largely serve your basic DIY woodworking needs and will certainly help you make those little projects around the house. If certain tools need supervision or you are not sure of their application, try to get it done through professionals. Since the only nails I use are the headless nails, I use the hammer mostly for pounding them into the piece of wood.
Not just for the purpose of woodworking, but also for other requirements at home, these are very helpful. Sometimes even a couple of mm offset can make your project look awkward and so it is essential you get used to using the tape accurately. Again, the wood that I decide to cut is always of minimal thickness for which the hacksaw is very ideal.

If he takes up complex projects that need to be done fast and efficiently, having power tools is a must. I really like it and it has been our center piece in the garage for every chore and project that needs to be done.
Be it hanging a painting on the wall, or making a center table, it is the electric drill that paves way by creating that much needed pilot hole.
A kitchen hinge that is loose, a glass door that needs installation or a key holder that is not in place can be easily fixed. For the cabinet door that I installed, I used the rasp to give the edge a half round shape.
Sometimes it is also needed that you are able to quickly shift between mm and inches as the unit of measurement depending on the situation. Woodooz is a result of our love and passion for our respective hobbies and is a sincere effort to educate people in India to look at carpentry as a fun and leisure activity. I like the way it was designed and I have built many other things using this design as a template.

The one I use costed me about Rs.700 and comes with very basic features of single speed and clockwise rotation.
It features a head that has a claw on one side a smooth end for hitting the head of the nail on the other.
One should choose the ones made up of high alloy carbon steel and come with a hardwood grip. There are a variety of them like a coping and tenon saw, a dovetail saw, hand miter saw, etc. This is not an exhaustive list and there are actually many more tools that you might need depending on the kind of projects you take up.

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