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Simple and brilliant bathroom cabinet for towel and objects, easy to install by placing it on the wall and securing it with fischers (included). Wood naturally expands and contracts as it is heated or cooled, so most affordable wood options are not very suitable.
Although bathroom cabinets made from glass come with a premium price point, they are just as strong as wood and won't suffer from temperature changes. As a final option, rubber wood has the ability to give you a strong cabinet that is reasonably resistant to the moisture of the bathroom. I had seen one similar to that but it only has 6 spots and the one in the picture has 8 spots. Have you tried one of those over the door towels holders with towels bars instead of hooks, Nancy? Bathroom cabinets are made specifically for storing towels, toiletries, and other items that you may use in your bathroom. When picking a bathroom floor cabinet, it is always safe to pick a wooden one which will withstand the moisture and wet conditions that it will be exposed to in your bathroom. One floor cabinet that is made in an impressive design is the Shelved Floor Cabinet with Glass-Paneled Door in an Espresso color. Elite Home Fashions also has another line of cabinets called the Madison Avenue Collection.
The only problem is that with high humidity and heat levels in the average bathroom, many materials don't stand up to long-term wear and tear.
A plywood made from birch, however, is an excellent material that stands up to the temperature changes reasonably well, can be painted virtually any color, and is still reasonably affordable.
Look for toughened safety glass instead of laminated glass for the best overall experience. Marble is also easier to maintain because it won't show off the streaks and waterspots that can form on glass bathroom cabinets.
Rubber wood is only 10% weaker than oak and is a good solution for those who want a solid wood cabinet. Use these material options to select your next cabinets and your bathroom will quickly receive the upgraded look you've always wanted.
You can download and derive the Cherry Bathroom Wall Cabinet Towel Rack images by click the download button below to get multiple high-res versions.

My master bathroom is plenty big enough, but surprisingly it doesn’t have a linen closet. Another way to take advantage of vertical space is by hanging baskets on the wall above the toilet or tub and using them to store towels. Chrome baskets hung on the wall offer a contemporary option for storing towels and facecloths. If you like the idea of using a wine rack for towel storage but don’t have the floor space, opt for a wall hanging model.
She believes that style is about embracing your unique sense of life and expressing it in your home and the way you live. But if you’re handy, you could re-work a standard wall cabinet by adding longer shelves at the top and bottom, then adding some decorative brackets on the bottom.
Many of these floor cabinets are made of hardy and durable wood that ensure many years of use and maybe even enable you to pass down the furniture to another generation in your family. With all the hot showers and baths that you and your family will take, it is always sensible to have a good bathroom linen cabinet that will last through many years of that. A popular design is a bathroom floor cabinet with glass doors so that you can easily see what is stored in it for quick access. This cabinet is part of the Chesterfield Collection created by the Elite Home Fashion Company.
They have one particular model called the Shelved Floor Cabinet with Drawer created in white, which reveals the more feminine touch in every home. The expense of marble will drive some home owners away, but the investment will bring a higher value to the home.
Hung up just high enough on the wall to reach, it offers ample storage space without taking up a lot of room.
This particular style holds four sets of bath and hand towels while taking up very little space.
In 2012, Peggy launched the blog Decorating Files to share her experience and knowledge to help readers create a home and lifestyle that reflects their own individuality and personal style. Even with me and my partner the bathroom has two doors as one goes into the master bedroom and one into the hallway.
If you don’t have enough floor space, you may opt to pick a bathroom wall cabinet that you can install on the wall which will allow you to use more floor space for moving around or for placing other bathroom amenities.

Other bathroom wall cabinets may even have a large mirror attached to its doors which you can treat as a sort of vanity where you can fix your hair and face. With a top drawer, you can definitely organize your face towels and other toiletries effectively. You can discover Select the Best Bathroom Wall Cabinets and see the Select the Best Bathroom Wall Cabinets in here. Usually containing cabinets and drawers, these bathroom cabinets are perfect for storing fresh laundry and towels that your family can easily access after taking a refreshing bath or shower. With a paneling made of waffle-patterned glass and a double-plated knob on its framed door, this piece is truly a sight to behold in any bathroom. With a pure-white finish and a stable engineered wood construction, this cabinet is quite substantial with dimensions of 13-inches by 15-inches by 32-inches. At our cabin, we have a towel warmer on the wall so that’s not a problem, but in our rental, we have to put them on hooks and I always think that looks sloppy.
This handsome design has fixed shelves with a rich espresso finish and construction made from sturdy engineered wood. With crown molding, glossy silver hardware, and a glass-paneled door, this is one bathroom floor cabinet that is sure to add elegance and grace to any family home. When you have this in your bathroom, aside from fulfilling your needs in storage space an organization, it will also serve as a decorative piece that will tell visitors volumes about your personal style and impeccable taste!
Using each door with hooks just doesn’t work for me it looks sloppy and not what I want. These easy-to-do ideas can help you to keep your bath towels conveniently at hand and organized. I have to come up with something clever or we can each hang our two towels we use on the back of our bedroom doors.

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