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These humble doors are sadly falling out of fashion, and yet for centuries they have done a good job.
Always paint the inside face of the battens and at least the joints between the boards before assembly.
The nails that hold it all together(two to every board) are slightly longer than necessary, driven in and punched, then clenched on the inside.
The boards are normal tongue and grooved floor boarding, that have been "Veed" on a spindle moulder or with a router. The reason for this is that if the braces slope down to the hinges then the weight of the door keeps the joints between the battens and the braces tight and firm.

If the braces run down away from the door then the weight of the door is helping to open the joints which allows the door to sag. As the this type of door gets wider then the layout of the battens usually changes to the pattern in the photo above.
The look is there, but I would hazard a guess that the battens at the back of this pair of doors are probably box section steel. If you didn't find exactly what you are looking for try this search tool that will search the site and the web. Here with have made and installed eight internal Douglas Fir braced batten doors for a customer in Skinburness, Cumbria.

The extra width just creates a lot more weight on the braces, the the guy that made this door has notched the ends of the braces into the battens to stop any tendency to slide with the extra load on them . But if you want privacy from prying eyes then they are still a cheap option for positions that are in the full weather. If I had to build one of these today I guess I may be using screws, seeing that modern screwdriver guns are so easy to use now.

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