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Summer’s over, school is back in session, the kids have crazy schedules again, everyone’s ramping up their efforts in the office in time for end-of-year reviews and bonuses, and all of a sudden those relaxing vacation days seem like a distant memory.
Here’s how’s to bring some Zen back into your life: Put the kids to bed, shut down the computer, turn off your smartphone, and set up your own personal spa-like sanctuary. For most people, the very first thing to do when home from a long day in the office is to kick off their shoes.
If the spa isn’t enough, take things up a notch by sitting yourself down on the sofa with your beverage of choice, queueing up your DVR line-up — whether it’s The Real Housewives, Game of Thrones, or Downton Abbey reruns — and slipping your feet into a massager like this one.
Sure, a hot bath at night can feel luxurious; but unless you’re blessed with a built-in hot tub, it can just feel like, well, taking a bath. This may sound too cruel to be kind, but if you suffer from back pain, need help relaxing, or even if you suffer from insomnia, lying on this bed of nails could be the solution you’re looking for.

If you’re really getting the hang of this in-home pampering business, then you’ll simply have to convince your hubby to dispose of his recliner and replace it with a massage chair like this ultra-luxurious bad boy, complete with heated seating and a foot and calf massager. And if your day was spent in heels, there’s no better feeling than sinking your feet into a Jacuzzi-like foot spa. That is, until you slip a jet bath spa over the side of the tub and watch the bubbles flow.
Just like the ancient practice, lying on a mattress with thousands of pointy plastic spikes can stimulate pressure points that trigger pain-releasing hormones.
All you have to do is point to where you need relief on the Body Map Immersion Director and this chair will take care of business. She grew up in England and California but loves to call New York City home for one simple reason: shopping for all four seasons!

It can also lower your heart rate, causing even deeper relaxation and helping you sleep better.
The only problem is you’ll be so used to getting a pedicure while sitting in one of these chairs that you may just have to find a manicurist who can make home visits.
If you add Epsom salt, a soak can increase circulation, ease muscle cramps and joint pain, and soothe dry skin. When she’s not writing about style and decor (and organizing her stylish finds) you’ll find her hard at work on her novel or chasing after her busy four-year-old son and her four-pound Chihuahua Lola.

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